Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • mali03
    04-01 08:15 PM
    Sent both faxes.

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  • lost_in_migration
    05-29 04:40 PM
    Genocide is what is left maybe

    They will make H1b visa holders wears arm bands like the Nazis made jews wear . Then they will make us live in ghettos and drive us out all at once . :( How much worse can this get .

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  • lc4gc
    04-03 08:32 AM
    thank you IV, solute to all of you!!!

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  • dc2007
    08-23 03:13 PM
    Here comes one more preacher. Most people on this forum are no saint, they not even a man (or woman) enough to stand up for themselves.

    Please don't comment about anybody's else abilities without knowing him/her. You don't know me or what I have done. Then how can you comment that "not every man enough to stand up for themselves."

    Its easy to put comments/remarks like this. STOP THIS. And you are preaching, pushing : IN or OUT, please join ralley etc. I am not. Don't you understand ???

    We are a Union and thats how a union works that is actively supporting the cause of its members.

    You don't understand what does WE and UNION means and how to co-operate. I bet you must have issues with your co-workers also in work (if you work).

    How do you like my comments like this. This might get you more angry, but this is exactly what you are doing here to others.

    If one is stupid enough not to understand that we are trying to help everyone and thus this "one help" need to be demanded then god help that person.

    I don't need to justify my abilities or whether I can stand for myself or not, but the only reason I replied to this thread as I can't resist my self by seeing comments by people like you here.
    I believe in GOD very much and I believe that GOD does justice in HIS own way which most of the times we don't undersatnd. In short, I have seen very few unlucky people who are still in the process of GC with 8 years (like you). May be because of your traits this has happened to you. GOD's justice. May be you need to hear your inner voice and understand that don't hurt others feeling and don't need to go to DC or join IV.

    Understood, we all may have problems but those could be solved with whatever our share of work we can do to support this cause.

    See who talks about Sharing now :)

    If someone says that they don't know what IV policies and activites are and blames that nobody explained to them. Well... thats a lame excuse. It is very much on the front page of IV

    Number is the bargaining power and we are here to bargain. Period.

    Yes, u got that right. I am one angry man and regret that what I am doing goes against the spirit of IV.

    Now my direct question to you is : are in or are u out?

    My direct answer to you: With people like you propaganding for IV, I AM OUT.


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  • priderock
    06-27 04:50 PM
    By the way I took lots of photos in 2004 from Sears for Marriage proposals. Yeah I got marry last year because I sent Good quality photo to my in-law family. You see you get what you pay for..


    I am sure SEARS pictures are great.

    Hope your in-laws are not disappointed when they saw you in person :) :).... No ... I am just kidding .......No offense meant :):).... I am sure they like you and that is why you are married happily now :) Just wanted to bring a lighter moment tho this stingy thread.

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  • harsh
    12-30 02:01 PM
    This is crazy if this is how USCIS or DHS or whoever is going to interpret the law. We need some clarification from an experienced attorney. From the visa bulletin in Nov 2005, it does seem that USCIS is saying over subscribed countries will only get 7% in FY2006 and AC21 will not apply. If its only 2800 for EB2 and EB3 India then priority dates will never reach somewhere like 2005 or 06 for Indian nationals.

    May be this explains why priority dates have got stuck at Jan 03 for EB2 India since october 2006.


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  • prabasiodia
    08-09 05:24 PM
    I think these memos might have been dissected a thousand times, but here they are:

    Continuing validity of I-140:
    AC21 guidelines:

    It's clear that the stress is on "intent". If at the filing of I-485, both the employer and the employee had the intent, it's fine. The only restriction is, one may not be looking for "same or similar" job at the time of I-485 adjudication. Why this restriction is even there is beyond me. It doesn't clearly state how much time after the adjudication, you should not be looking.

    Of course, the lawyers seem to be on the cautious side. Read the last sentence under intent in the following site (AC21: Changing employer while waiting for pending adjustment of status ( ). It says that ...theoretically, USCIS might be able to revisit the adjudication of I-485 and initiate revocation processing.
    This inference is without any attribution.

    Then again, I couldn't find a single case where the I-485 was revoked because of suspected fraud in "Intent". We do need clarification from USCIS on this.

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  • illinois_alum
    07-24 02:40 PM
    NSC: E-Filed June 02
    Document Send: June 02
    FP Done: June 26
    PD Will be current in Aug. Namecheck cleared since Nov 2007.

    How do you know your namecheck has been cleared since Nov 2007?


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  • sats123
    06-19 09:51 PM
    Here is another part of story.

    My PD was current back in 2004, this attorney/employer ignored my calls/emails from Oct to Dec 15. They filed my 485 during christmas week end, they screwed up something and USCIS rejected my application (thats what they say). Thanks to retrogession from Jan 2005. All my documents were ready by Oct. I would have had my EAD since 2005.

    De javu, again I am being mandated to file thru same attorney. I don't have problem paying more money for a good attorney and good service.

    I don't know if I am in a trap or something.

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  • venkygct
    08-31 08:31 PM
    Today many folks from CA showed interest in joining the rally. They are yet to submit their vote.

    Folks who are on the fence, decide and act FAST. This is going to be a historic event..Don't miss it !


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  • GCaspirations
    10-02 12:57 PM
    I applied in NSC 485/EAD/AP on July 27th. The case was transfered to CSC. 485 Application was then transfered to TSC from CSC but EAD and AP are being processed in CSC.

    I am intrested in knowing if you have received FP notice.

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  • mbartosik
    04-08 03:24 PM
    OPT is just a bandaid that allows politicians to postpone addressing the real issues for a little while. If the real probably are not addressed in 2 years when the OPTs run out it will actually be worse.

    Of course anyone using OPT is just joining an even longer GC queue.


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  • apahilaj
    12-03 03:28 PM
    Got the same too. I git frustrated and sent out an e-mail on Friday. Not sure if I should really fill in the form. What a mess at every stage :mad:

    I have filled out the forms for my self and my spouse. Going to mail them tonight. What's the worse that can happen? We are already in a sh** situation...

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  • krishna_brc
    05-15 06:00 PM
    What is the situation of India Masters degree who are in EB2.
    Do they qualify to be excluded from the annual quota as per this new law. :confused:


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  • gotgc?
    07-20 12:32 PM
    Check your PM. This is what i sent.


    Could you please send me this copy as well?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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  • keepon
    07-15 09:01 PM
    would you please send to me too?
    Many thanks!


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  • tcsonly
    01-04 10:57 AM
    I think all 3 of them (Husband & 2 wives) should apply for their own H1B's and make it here and then apply for separate GC's.

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  • abhidos37
    08-22 12:07 PM
    The date was current from July 1 with my PD Aug 2005. I have my 140 approved already.

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  • nag2007
    10-11 04:45 PM
    This situation is really bad. There are so many people who missed the deadline as their labor was stuck in BEC. USCIS should at least allow a one-time chance (like July 2nd) for such people to file 485. I was lucky to clear the labor stage earlier this year.

    Ya...Atleast, they should allow us to file EAD. In that case my spouse can work. She did not get H1b this year(because of lottery system). She has PHD in CSE and sitting at home.

    09-28 09:03 AM
    enggr ran away. He faked his experience(which most of the people do, I think to get GC) and tried to get EB2. Good and Inteligent IO catched it and sent RFE. Ran away for life.

    Your statement is is not only false, but also naive. How can you say that, "most people fake their experience?" Do you have any prove or evidence? Do you know "most" of the people. A very strange message, I have to admit.

    04-22 10:35 PM

    definitely ..and i am sure lot of people agree, marching etc is much better ..but till we get to that point ..let us send emails / letters atleast ...something better than nothing !!