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  • sathish_gopalan
    09-04 04:08 PM
    My EAD renewal has not been approved and it has been 100 days. I checked with local immigration officer and they dont know as why it is still not processed. USCIS customer service representative says it is within the processing time in Nebraska service center. I efiled EAD and got the biometrics done in June. I am on EAD & can i continue to work if the EAD renewal does not come through befire the current EAD expires ?. Will it affect I485 ?

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  • gparr
    January 8th, 2004, 07:53 PM
    Here's an example of my first outing with my new lens, shooting birds in a nature preserve bird feeder area. I used a monopod on a cloudy day. I didn't realize how quick those little buggers can be. I shot manual and found the autofocus to be irritating at times. Any feedback on doing this kind of shooting would be appreciated.
    This is the image fixed by Scott.

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  • IN2US
    07-30 06:34 PM
    Since I have already filed my petition, can I change this to Premium Processing from regular processing?

    Yes, you definitely can change it to premium processing.
    talk to your attorney / Company HR.

    Good Luck :)

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  • gcpower1
    01-27 07:24 PM
    Visa Number is just created for ASIAN people not any one else. Visa Numbers are allocated before M.L.King and not revised since then and never revised.

    How stupid we are still asking number insted of solution.


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  • gcwait2007
    06-06 12:20 PM
    Gurus, My place of birth is different in my passport than that of my birth certificate. I will have the place of birth changed in my passport. Could you pls tell me how difficult/messy is to have the uscis change the place of birth in my h1b petition based on my new passport. I am currently in my second year h1b. please throw light on any possible complications both serious and trifle. I dont have my h1b visa stamped yet. My GC process is going to start soon.


    Nothing is difficult, my friend :), as long as you have an excellent attorney to support you. Most attorneys know how to handle your kind of scenario. Please engage services of a seasoned immigration attorney who will do the needful, by writing to USCIS.

    I wish you Good Luck

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  • manbeing
    12-22 05:05 PM
    Please see below I-140 ref. I do understand that they need me to submit an experience letter including employment date and specific duties, but how to handle the second evidence? If the specific duties on my previous employer�s experience letter already includes those H14 specific skill and other requirements, is that enough? Or I will still need to find something else to support/proof them? Thanks!

    "Submit evidence that the beneficiary obtained the required three years of experience in the job offered before January xx, 2010, the priority date. Evidence of experience must be in the form of letters from current or former employers giving the name, address, and title of the employer and a description of the experience of the beneficiary, including specific dates of the employment and specific duties.

    Submit evidence that the beneficiary obtained the specific skill or other requirements as indicated on the labor certification, page 3 of 15, #H.14. Please provide proof that the specific skills or other requirements were acquired prior to the priority date."


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  • anjs
    11-07 11:24 AM
    I am from Knoxville

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  • mars
    09-25 10:44 PM
    HI All,

    My H1 will expire by the end of October and my employer has applied for LCA on First week of Sept and it got denied. (the status on iCert shows as Denied). My employer has sent the FEIN Info and waiting for info from DOL.

    I am not sure how long we will wait for DOL to respond back on this .. Do we need to reapply for LCS as i need to apply for H1-extn before end of October..

    Could Pls some one suggest the best course of action..



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  • pappu
    07-18 02:18 PM

    Message from IV for BEC victims

    We are aware of the issue and if there is any acion item, we will post it.

    also be aware of what we posted earlier on this issue:

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  • vdlrao
    03-04 02:31 AM


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  • indyanguy
    10-13 10:18 PM
    If your title falls under Job Zone 4, you can still apply for EB2. However, there is a possibility that your case will be audited.

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  • Ann Ruben
    07-19 07:58 PM
    Any significant absence from the US can lead to a finding that one has abandoned permanent resident status. Such determinations are very fact specific. It is a commonly held myth that merely entering the US once a year is sufficient to maintain GC status. If you forsee spending significant time out of the US, you should take steps to protect your GC, such as filing for a re-entry permit. You should also consider maintaining ties to a home in the US.


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  • kirupa
    08-19 01:02 PM
    Ah, that won't really be possible unfortunately by applying it directly to Frame. The Frame is basically a window through which you view the world (XAML pages loaded into it). It has no real control over what gets loaded - it is only a spectator.

    What you can do is specify a transition effect on each XAML that plays when that page loads. The end result is that tour frame will display a transition effect, but that transition effect would have been entirely defined in the page that gets loaded instead of having it live on the single page containing the Frame.


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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:10 PM
    yeah the duck hunt rocks


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  • nvanter
    08-14 07:01 AM
    I did my masters in US and have got my H1 B status which expires next year. Had a few question. Just to add to my situation i have not got my H1 stamping done on my passport.
    Q1. Can i apply for an extesion without a visa stamp.
    Q2. How early can i apply for an extenstion.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-25 05:06 PM
    He can have both types of permanent residence pending at the same time - marriage-based and employment-based. This is very common. The marriage-based filing will probably be approved sooner than the other, because priority dates are so backlogged now.


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  • akilhere
    08-27 08:12 PM
    I'm currently working on an H1B (12th year) for my original sponsorer. I also have an EAD which i have not used yet. My spouse is working on an EAD.
    I'm planning to start a new business with a couple of friends of mine (who are GCs and citizens). How do i go about it?
    Do i have to make my wife a co-owner and work in this venture as a 1099 or can i be a co-owner in this company and use my EAD for it? Please note that i do not want to quit my full-time current job with my employer(sponsorer).

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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  • panky72
    07-14 05:55 PM
    I filed my I-485 in July last year. My PD is EB2-Feb 2007. I could not file for my wife since she is pursuing her medical residency on a J1 visa with the 2 year HRR requirement.
    My queries are as follows:
    1. For the interfiling to happen does she need to be done with her J1 waiver or even when she is pursuing it as that is a H1B visa?
    2. If I get my green card before she is done with her waiver then can I still file for her later or will her case then be treated as a family based petition?
    I will really appreciate if somebody can provide some insight regarding the same.
    Saket Kapur

    Hi Saket
    you can file for her I-485 only after she is done with 3 yr J-1 waiver requirement. As far as your second question I don't know the answer.
    Good luck.

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  • nhfirefighter13
    November 17th, 2005, 12:17 PM
    I actually like the background but maybe if you burned it in a little bit.

    travel during labour certification stage [Archive] - Immigration Voice

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    07-23 07:29 PM
    Interesting situation. Technically you will be better off on H1 (since you have that approved for 3 years). I would do that if I were you.

    Only issue I can think off is, f your husband (Iam assuming primary 485 applicant), would move over to EAD (after Sep-07), would that impact your H1 in any way(I don't think it should).

    I'll let someone more knowledgable answer that

    04-29 09:34 AM
    Mine is approved I140. If USCIS doesn't ask for paystub then giving EVL of any consulting firm will solve the problem?

    Also, my wife is working on EAD. Can she apply for H1 visa? Will it affect our GC process? I am the primary applicant.