Thursday, June 30, 2011


Publishers Launch First Digital-Only Textbook for K-12
McGraw-Hill is launching its first all-digital textbook that targets the K-12 market on Monday.

Inexpensive College Textbooks |
Most students never take into account the library when scrambling for needed textbooks. It is a long-shot, but it can be well worth a check out, contemplating it really is totally free. The university, town or county ...

Low cost College Textbooks »
They ought to then face the sticker shock of acquiring textbooks. Pupils can effortlessly pay out $one,000 or a lot more per semeste for books. It hardly would seem fair, but there is very good news. Savvy students can declare war ...

Kno releases Textbooks app for iPad
Kno has announced a beta release for its new Textbooks eTextbook and PDF reader app for the iPad.

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