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  • kamdard
    09-12 02:48 PM

    I am wondering what conclusion (if any) can be drawn from LUD? On USCIS website my I-140 case shows LUD to be 05/09/2007 and hence was wondering what does it mean ? When I click on my case on the online case status website (of USCIS) still provides old data only and does not reflect the status for LUD...


    PD - May 2002 (EB3 India)
    I-140/I-485 RD - 28-JUN-2007 (NSC)
    I-140/I-1485/I-131/I-765 RD - 24-JULY-2007 (NSC)
    FP notice received: 31-AUG-2007
    FP Date: 13-SEPT-2007.

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  • lkapildev
    01-15 04:41 PM
    Please respond only if you are EB2 India

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  • krishnam70
    07-11 11:02 PM
    If you have a job, getting a work permit will take only 4 hrs inside the consulate. No line. Give the passport and come back within 4 hrs to collect it.
    No labor certification for computer(s/w for sure, dunno about h/w side for sure) professionals or petition. Need to show offer letter from the company and letter from company to the consulate.

    1. Post on canadian job sites with local canadian address
    2. get an interview call, canadian employers do not do interviews over phone like in the US. They ask for personal appearances.
    3. If you land the job get an offer letter
    4. Take the offer letter to the CCanadian embassy and get a work visa.
    5. Once you enter Canada apply for Permanent residency.


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  • alisa
    06-21 10:39 AM
    In 2004, a friend moved within the same Multinational company (A) from one business (A1) to another (A2). The HR department did not apply for an H1 transfer assuming that one was not needed, and the friend worked for a few months before the business A2 was sold off, and the new company realized the mistake, and filed for her H1 transfer, which was approved. The new company then filed for her labor and got her I-140 approved.

    Can the friend now file for AOS? Was the period that she worked for A2 'unauthorized'? Does that preclude her from adjusting her status now?

    I am guessing that a lot of employers/people might have made similar mistakes through no faults of their own. Whats the solution here?


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    05-10 01:20 PM
    1) Will immigration department check back with uni if i am still enrolled (note: i got paper signed from my advisor with my graduation dates on it)
    Google SEVIS I-20. The SEVIS system will tell USCIS and universities whether you are in status or not as per F-1 requirements. You will need to get a new I-20 and you are out-of-status until you have one.

    2) Should i leave US and apply for a new visa and a new i 20 with that community college?
    If yes, then what are my chances of getting a visa?
    Don't do it. Your F-1 Visa will most probably be rejected due to this out-of-status issue. You might be able to get a new I-20 from outside the country but not a VISA.

    3) What are my options??
    Stick with Purdue and do as the International Advisor says (you don't have many options). Hopefully you will be reinstated (Purdue should have issued a new I-20 when they re-admitted you from community college. I am not sure why they overlooked)>

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  • MetteBB
    05-10 01:45 PM
    2nd stamp


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  • kshitijnt
    05-31 01:49 AM
    Most probably they wont ask you anything but carry everything.

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  • little_willy
    08-05 08:28 PM
    My wife recently returned from India and at port of entry, the officer incorrectly wrote the paroled until date as Jul 12, 2010 instead of Jul 12, 2011. The date is incorrect on both I-94 and AP.

    Will this create any issues and how can this be corrected? Her status is AOS pending, she doesn't have a EAD or H-visa

    My wife's AP is valid till Oct 12, 2010. I would appreciate any help

    Thanks a lot!


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  • voldemar
    06-25 11:03 AM
    Can someone tell me what is a good lawyer??? I think this term is very much like good politician.. They are extinct...
    If someone using company lawyer to file I-485 and other forms, ask this lawyer will he send receipt notices to the applicant or not. Some will get answer that it's company policy not to sent anything to applicants :mad: .

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  • chanduv23
    02-07 12:23 PM
    We have only one life and we must do whatever it takes to help ourselves in the right direction.

    IV is taking up all these wonderful efforts and we must all help to make this campaign a huge success.

    The success of the campaign lies in our hands and we HAVE to make it a success.

    This campaign does not involve physical participation or monetary contribution, just 10 min of your time and some stationary.

    Please , please concentrate on this campaign for the next couple of weeks and make it a huge success.

    Please support IV to help yourself


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  • centaur
    03-19 03:16 PM
    Whats CIRCUS bill?
    I called Kennedy's office regarding the CIRCUS bill getting introduced..and I got cut off..due to phone problems..could you guy try?..

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  • mailmy_gc
    06-10 11:33 AM
    Update your profile first, To get help from from members !!


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  • bostonian28
    02-20 01:12 PM
    So TSC advanced by 1 week in 1 month or so ? I wonder how many cases they have appoved in the last month or so.

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  • Dhundhun
    10-14 11:54 AM
    So, a controlled slow movement will leave to more un-used numbers in the 3rd quarter when they will then be forced to make big jumps in dates to use up annual visa numbers

    Big Jump => Chaotic Jump ???


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  • kondur_007
    08-11 08:53 PM
    As per Spet 2009 visa bulletin, my PD will be current . I recently moved to LA due to Job change . If i do AC 21, do you think i will miss a oppurtunity of getting GC in spet since my PD is OCT 2004.

    Please advise. Should i do AC21 now ? Or Should i do only on RFE?

    Another question. I still have permanent address in chicago but moved to LA. Do i need to do AC11 form?


    I would advise not to file anything at this point (in your situation). Hang tight and wait.

    Good Luck.

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  • patiently_waiting
    09-11 05:07 PM


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  • jasonpark
    August 9th, 2005, 02:59 PM
    Looking for cratiques of my pictures on my new website

    Thanks in advance

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  • liorsal
    01-03 12:09 PM
    does anyone know if IV core will push to get the 485 relief (ability to file without visa number availeble) and what is the chance to get it befor of until the 15/february?.

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  • GMKrishna
    08-11 03:37 PM
    You can re-file a denied I-140. In my case, first I-140 was denied in 2006 but never received the denial notice, so time for appeal lapsed. However, during 2007 July, we concurrently filed using the same labor. The second I-140 was approved in 2009. Both the I-140s were processed by Nebraska Service Center.

    Hence, based on my experience, you can refile but you should be able to over come or at least have strong enough reasons to over come the cause of initial denial.

    I am not sure on how to deal with with-drawl of your existing appeal and 485 petitions.

    As far as 180 day rule of labor is concerned, my understanding is that, based on USCIS clarification, it only applies to initial filing of I-140 petition but not for re-filing as long as the original I-140 was filed with in permitted time. You can go through websites of Murthy / Rajiv Khanna for authentic information on this.

    Good Luck,

    01-20 02:27 PM

    Currently i am in US on h4 visa and had been looking for H4-H1 transfer.
    I searched for job for almost 1 yr and i received an offer from A earlier but now i got a better offer from B.
    I chose to apply for both the companies. Both employer are filing for my H1 b.

    My question is
    1. Are there chances that my visa will get rejected because of multiple application?
    2. In case i get visa for both the employer what are the consequences as i am willing to work with B.
    3. Do i have to pay anything to A?


    Blog Feeds
    08-09 10:40 PM
    We recently assisted a client from Johannesburg, South Africa, regarding an H-1B specialty occupation visa. He was approved for an H-1B visa, but in order for our client to enter the United States, he must obtain an H-1B visa in his passport. Because the chances of visa issuance vary greatly depending on documentation and individual circumstances, we suggested that he go to the interview at the U.S. consulate very well prepared. We told him to take a certified copy of his entire H-1B package that was filed with the Immigration Service, along with his Form I-797 Approval Notice. We also suggested that he take original birth certificates, marriage certificate, and proof of financial support. He attended the interview this morning and his experience at the U.S. consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa was documented as follows.

    “My wife, myself and our son had our interview at the U.S. Consulate here in Johannesburg this morning, at 9:00am. We duly arrived at 8:30am, had our relevant DS documents checked at the door, took a number, and waited for the “call.” At promptly 9:00am we were called to a booth, where our fingerprints were taken, the DS forms checked with the original I-797 form, and then told to go and sit down again. 10 minutes later, we went back to the booth, had our fingerprints taken again, and that was it. All visas approved, and to pay DHL the delivery costs. No questions asked, no documents asked for, no requirement of proof of copies of documents, nothing. All in all a painless and easy task.”

    More... (