Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • coronapup
    07-24 08:03 PM
    We filed 485 on Jul 2nd. So far no receipt yet.:(
    My wife's F1 status is going to expire in Aug. She needs to change her status to H4 now. Will the status change have any negative influence on our 485 application? Do we need to send some amendment regarding the COS?
    Btw, which center she needs to send COS this time?:D :D Thanks a lot.

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  • toronto1999
    08-05 11:57 AM
    I enter US four times this year by using AP, same airport, but different experience. 1st, 2nd and 3rd entry was sent to secondary check. But the 4th entry, the CBP said it's unnecessary for secondary check and fill new I-94 because previous officers are new guys, don't know the rule. I thought 1st entry is definitely need go secondary check.

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  • VMH_GC
    07-05 08:52 PM
    I agree that i should put this message in the media drive thread. But unfortunately i don't know/have permission to delete this thread, can someone close this thread?

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  • eastindia
    12-31 12:39 PM
    How are you planning to celebrate and what is your new year resolution?


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  • kirupa
    09-08 03:18 AM
    Without JavaScript? I don't think that it is possible.

    Also, I am assuming you mean Silverlight, but remember that "Page" is valid in WPF as well when dealing with the Navigation classes :)

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  • rb_248
    02-14 07:47 AM
    VISA BULLETIN FOR MARCH 2007 is out No change in EB2.

    OMG really.....thats awesome.


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  • arc
    03-15 07:06 PM

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  • permfiling
    11-22 02:25 PM
    I currently have a full time H1 but one of my past employers asked me if I can work on a advisory basis on a part time for 10 hrs per week. As I can have 2 h1's . My questions are

    1. During any PERM, 140, 485 stage with my first employer, do I have to or will my first employer come to know about my part time H1
    2. Can I file for PERM . Green card from my pat time h1



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  • snathan
    07-24 05:21 PM
    My current company's CEO is retiring and the other partners are forming a new company. The current company will continue as a corporation and in the new corporation the current CEO will have 10% share. The new co will start with the current client base, employees, equipment, web site and use the current company's name as a DBA.

    I am on H1-B visa with the current company and in the process for Permanent Residency with my I-140 approved and awaiting for the Priority Date to become current .

    If the current company terminated me and i got re-hired with the new co.. what would i need to do for my H1-B visa and the Green card process. Please advice ASAP.


    If its a new company, you need to do H1B transfer and start the GC from PERM. If the I-140 is not revoked, you can retain the PD.

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  • sameer2730
    06-29 08:01 AM


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  • Dilemma
    10-22 05:42 PM
    Hello -

    I am in sort of big dilemma. My Background:
    - Single (not married)
    - Currently on H1-B valid until Dec 2011.
    - PD July 2007. Company A
    - I140 & AOS filed concurrently in Aug 2007. Approved I140 (June 2008) & AOS pending. EAD & AP since Dec 2007.

    I am currently working (full-time) for company A who started my GC process since last 3+ yrs. And lately I am realizing that my growth opportunity in terms of salary (more importantly) & career is very limited & been looking out lately. To an extent that I feel so frustrated that it has started to affect my social behavior.

    Recently, couple of other employers have shown interest in me which align completely with my future goals. But, the problem is the following:

    - they dont do H1-B & willing to hire me on EAD. Hopefully, AC21 should not be a problem as the prospective job will be in the same area.
    - I am currently single planning to get married in a year or so. I want my spouse to have an option to be my dependent ie H4.

    So, I have following questions to experts here which will help me decide what option to take:

    1) Shall I go ahead with new employer & start using EAD ?

    2) My GC doesn't seem to get approved for another year or so. Is it worthwhile to keep the option of my spouse being on H4 open & get myself frustrated & spoil my career in current company?

    3) Can I move to EAD -> H1-B later? Maybe once I move out of this company A & join company B on EAD either company B or some other company may be ready to file H1-B petition ? This is just to open up the option of my spouse get H4.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance...

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  • redgreen
    10-14 01:47 PM
    It is mentioned by many that PD should be current at the time of GC approval. Is that right?
    I know people from India who got their GC approved when their PD is not current.
    One can check this easily in looking for I-485 approvals to people from India who submitted their applications concurrently in EB2 category after say april 2004. Disregard the cases which got approved in July 2007. Still there are many cases remaining invalidating the 'rule'!


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  • glus
    01-24 09:04 AM
    Whichever status was approved the LATEST, that is the status you are in now. If H-1B status change was approved AFTER F-1 status was granted, then normally you are on H-1B status.

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  • dollar500
    12-06 05:04 PM
    I am a question regarding h1b stamp.

    I am working for a company (A) and I have visa stamp for company A until Dec 2010. I am planning to switch to company B soon. I was wondering if I need another visa stamp with company B or the same stamp will do. I am planning to visit India in February.
    Thanks in advance


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  • jettu77
    05-12 02:34 PM
    I am having my EAD and AP and I am not using my EAD.

    EAD expires Sept 08
    AP expires Oct 08

    My question is

    Can I renew AP only ?
    If, I do not renew EAD will it be a problem in the future ?
    Can I renew it after EAD has expired ?

    Also, If I am renewing AP only, when does the 120 days rule come into picture.
    Is it with the AP date or EAD date.

    Your input will be appreciated.

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  • maitabasa
    07-26 10:05 PM
    I obtained an H1B visa through Company A (starting October 2008) and the H1B visa was valid until September 2011, unfortunately in March 2009 I was laid off. As a result to maintain my status I switched from an H1B visa to a B1/B2 visa. I actually went to my home country and got the visitors visa from the consulate in my home country. In July 2009 I returned to the USA and entered the USA as a visitor on a B1/B2 visa.

    My question now is what happens if I obtain employment. What does my new employer have to do? Since my initial H1B approval is valid until September 2011, can by new employer just take over the H1B without me having to go through the lottery system again even though currently I am on a visitors visa and have been unemployed for more than 3 months?

    Thank you.


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  • siddhu98
    08-02 09:02 PM
    EB2 India - PD 1st June 2006

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  • sanju
    01-22 03:51 PM
    Did you mean this this link of blogs?

    Yes, it is a cool Cricket Widget. Thanks for posting this pappu. Will wait for an interesting match to see score on this widget.


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  • cgs
    04-02 02:01 PM
    I am not sure if this works or not, but try to create a yahoo group id and add these email addresses as the members of the group.
    Then you can just shoot your e-mail to this group address.

    hmm..nice try, but I would not like to send the email 60-70 times..

    have to do that tonight, if there is no other option.

    any other ideas for hacking yahoo?

    03-22 09:12 AM
    Can you please send a PM to
    IVC needs a member to speak with a reporter. This is for a highly recognized publication in the U.S., but the member must meet the following requirements:

    1) The individual must be EB1 or O category; and
    2) The individual must have correspondence from the US government documenting the absurd red tape (a letter explaining the delays in their green card, etc).

    Please contact us as soon as possible if you meet these requirements � or know someone else who is - and are willing to speak with the reporter. It would greatly advance IV�s cause to be included in such an article, so please help us.

    03-05 08:30 AM
    03/03/2008: USCIS Pending Application Cases Per Type at January 31, 2008

    * I-140: 150,292
    * I-485: 813,238
    * I-765 EAD: 165,596
    * I-130 Family Petition: 1,331,114
    * I-90 Green Card Renewal: 169,350
    [Footnote: Initial Receipts data only reflects the number of applications that USCIS was able to fee receipt and/or data enter into a case processing system. Applications currently held in USCIS mailroom facilities but not processed to the point of recognition as Initial Receipts are deemed frontlog cases. These frontlog cases are also not reflected in Pending figures.] (Break News)