Thursday, June 30, 2011


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  • sisya
    01-05 04:53 PM
    good idea....

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  • pappu
    11-20 12:33 PM
    excuse me if posting on wrong tread .

    I saw strange messg on my I-485 while checking the status what does this mean.

    Review of the fingerprints taken relating to this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS has been completed. Processing of this case continues. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our VERMONT SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.
    pls use descriptive titles when starting a new thread

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  • thakkarbhav
    01-20 02:32 PM
    You can apply for multiple H1B at the same time. No need to pay Company but they will aks you to join once H1B gets approved. so at that point you need to decide which one is better for you. You can work for both of them if one of them is ready to offer you part time work. Please Get attorney advice on that part.

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  • onemorecame
    02-23 12:25 PM

    Service Center Proc Times 02/20/09 Update
    NSC EB-485 Proc Time = 4 Month!?!

    is it mean something? is anybody got Soft LUD in thier case?


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  • babo
    07-31 11:20 AM
    Good point.. no harm in sending extra info.

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  • eb2_mumbai
    01-04 12:20 PM
    You definately got to submit what they have asked for. If you feel something was done incorrectly when you filed your taxes talk to the CPA who filed it for you. Or consult some reputed CPA. In case they feel the tax returns need to be ammended you can file an ammendment pay any dues remaining and send a copy of the same to USCIS. Usually immigration process is pretty independent from IRS for most cases so you should be fine. Between your immigration lawyer & CPA you can cover what ever CIS needs.


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  • GCBoy786
    10-07 11:14 AM
    This is very common... We received all of our receipts in a span of 3 days... Same thing happened for my friends...

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  • p_kumar
    12-07 03:42 PM
    Does USCIS usually says this. i assume it should say "AP approved " or something similar. Have anyone seen this message on tracking your online case status.

    Thanks for any info.


    Hope i am wrong but that looks like a denial.


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  • bayoubengal
    12-16 01:58 PM
    I have a question, with the current retrogression and processing dates what is the time for one to get a green card, given that the labor,I-140 being cleared within months, but what is the overall time to wait. Is the process moving forward or is there any improvement ?.

    If any one can throw some light on it , would be Great.

    Confused Desi,:)

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  • shaxami
    05-13 11:30 AM

    My wife's priority date is current now (Marriage took place before the acceptance of my GC). We have to options - applying for FTJ or I-485 as my wife is in USA currently on a visit visa.

    Any suggestions if we can apply for I-485 from here, as that is our preference.



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  • gparr
    May 6th, 2005, 09:22 AM
    ...and i see an emerging tarantula! So much for the Rorschak test! :)
    Queen, it's good to know you're still receiving treatment for your condition. ;)

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  • upuaut8
    04-21 09:18 AM

    This is where u can download swift3D v1 !

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  • krupa
    06-04 02:38 PM
    If you are in a project and your client is ready to give a letter stating abour your employment on the project , there won't be any problem.

    Note: I am not an attorney, consult attorney's for better suggestion

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  • gc_chahiye
    01-26 04:03 PM
    My status on I-140 changed to "Request for Additional Evidence". Notice was sent only on 25th, so I don't have any more details yet.

    Just wondering if anybody has any idea what it could be?

    google around for RFEs... the three most common ones are:

    - ability to pay -> this is for your employer to prove... if you are from a small company, or have been paid less than prevailing wage or LC wage, this might come up.

    - education qualifications -> if your LC said the job requires 4 year BE in CS, and you have a 3 year BSc in Mathematics, this might come up

    - experience letters -> if your LC said the job requires 5 years of experience, and you have not submitted detailed experience letters for those, you'll get this RFE.

    Having said that, dont worry about it until you actually receive the RFE, it could be for a bunch of things, some serious, some completely trivial. If your LC required some minimum experience and you did not submit copies of your experience letter, you may want ot start contacting older employers, otherwise just wait till the RFE actually comes.


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  • Queen Josephine
    August 10th, 2005, 09:19 AM
    Jason, agree with Kevin. I did take a quick look at your site however and I see you like to do landscapes. You have a good eye for composition. Some of the pics could benefit from some post processing in a graphics program like photoshop or paintshop pro. A few of the landscapes are heavy on the magenta or cyan scale, a few have washed out skies (there are techniques to deal with that). Best to post a pic in a thread for specific feedback or answers to questions you may have.

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  • rajuram
    01-01 02:58 PM
    I was hoping there would be some motivation from the IV core team for "mere mortals" like keep us going in the new year...


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  • gc_peshwa
    04-08 11:09 AM
    Thanx goosetavo...every single bit helps a lot...very highly appreciated!

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  • a_tyagi26
    02-02 12:08 PM
    1. Im an MBBS, PhD
    2. I obtained PhD in the United States in Biomedical Science
    3. I have four first author paper and 9 co-author papers. I have 2 more co-author manuscripts in preparation. I have 50 citations for my papers.
    4. I have done couple oral presentation and 7 poster presentations at national and international conferences.
    5. I am currently working as a Research Associate (job title) for University.
    6. I have reviewed 2 articles for a journal.
    7. I have received one pre doctoral fellowship award from American Heart Association. Recently got young investigator award from University.
    8. I have membership of five professional memberships.
    9. I have 8 good letters of recommendation from three countries.
    10. My area of research is translational and it is being highly promoted by NIH. This is very high impact area in cardiovascular medicine.
    11. Currently in process to apply grant to pharma industry of nearly 100K. I have very good chance of getting this grant.

    Already applied for EB2 NIW. My university is ready to apply for me under EB1-B (outstanding researcher). What are my chances of getting approval under EB1-b with above qualifications? If possible please suggest bests ways I can present my application to USCIS. I would really appreciate your response. Thanks.

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  • Prashanthi
    05-20 05:29 PM
    You could have asked for the old I-140 priority date to be tranferred to the new I-140 at the time of filing the I-140. Now that the I-140 is already approved, it will be difficult to get them to make any changes on an approved I-140. Interfiling of new I-140 with old I-485 is possible once the visa number becomes available. The problem is that USCIS does not always acknowledge that they have done this, therefore you might be unsure if this was done or not. Some people prefer to file a new I-485 for this reason.

    01-14 11:39 AM
    I think it will not be under new quota. She can use same number.

    This is just my understanding, do consult attorney for accurate information.

    05-18 10:33 PM
    Thanks for your reply.

    One more query, if I go to India while my petition is pending. I will need to get new H1 stamped.

    Can there be any issues when I go for stamping?