Monday, February 28, 2011

Tradecraft: Universal Picks Up Tinker, Tailor For U.S. Distribution

Deadline reports that Universal has acquired Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Let the Right One In director Tomas Alfredson's new adaptation of the John Le Carré spy classic, for distribution in the United States. The film was produced by SudioCanal and Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner's UK company Working Title, who have a long history with Universal, but the studio initially chose not to act on its first look deal.  Instead, when the movie got hot thanks to a cast including Gary Oldman, Benedict CumberbatchTom Hardy and freshly-minted Best Actor Oscar winner Colin Firth, and The Weinstein Company and Summit got into a bidding war, Universal came back into the picture and snapped it up.  According to the trade blog, Universal is eyeing a November or December release, and "word is the film’s a tour de force for Oldman." That frame would position the actor perfectly for an Oscar campaign of his own next year. It will also put it in direct competition at the box office with the other 2011 spy movie I'm most looking forward to, Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  StudioCanal will release the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in the UK and much of Europe, and is still shopping the rights for the rest of the world. I'm just happy to know that the film's American distribution is locked down now! I would have hated for it to be one of those iffy ones that doesn't get a proper release here.

83 Edición de los Premios Oscar 2011, Parte II

Natalie Portman estaba preciosa con este vestido modificado de Rodarte en color morado. Me alegro que se haya llevado el Oscar, en el Cisne Negro está espectacular. Llevó joyas de Tiffany & Co y zapatos de Jimmy Choo.

Scarlett Johansson llevó un vestido de encaje morado, de Dolce & Gabanna. Llevó joyas de Anna Hu. Scarlett ha perdido mucho desde que adelgazó tanto.

Mila Kunis llevó un vestido violeta, con detalles de encaje, de Elie Saab Couture Primavera 2011. Llevó joyas de Neil Lane y clutch de Bottega Venetta.

Penélope Cruz se ha recuperado muy rápido de su embarazo. Lució un vestido granate, con lentejuelas, de L'Wren Scott Primavera 2011.

Anne Hathaway llevó un vestido rojo, de Valentino Couture Invierno 2002. Llevó joyas de Tiffany & Co.

Amy Adams me gustó mucho con este vestido azul marino de lentejuelas, de L'Wren Scott Invierno 2011. Llevó joyas de Cartier.

Michelle Williams estaba muy guapa con este vestido blanco, semitransparente, de Chanel.

Gwyneth Paltrow llevó un vestido de lentejuelas, color dorado, de Calvin Klein. Llevó un broche a la cadera de Louis Vuitton.

83 Edición de los Premios Oscar 2011, Parte I

Cate Blanchett llevó un vestido muy original en color lila, con detalles en amarillo, de Givenchy Couture Primavera 2011.

Reese Witherspoon llevó un vestido negro, con raya en el escote de color blanco, de Armani Privé Invierno 2009. Llevó joyas de Neil Lane.

Halle Berry llevó un vestido de tul color nude, de Marchesa.

Sandra Bullock llevó un vestido rojo, con escote corazón de Vera Wang.

Mandy Moore llevó un vestido de tul, con lentejuelas plateadas, de Monique Lhuillier Primavera 2011. Llevó pendientes de Chopard.

Nicole Kidman llevó un vestido blanco, con bordados florales, de Christian Dior Couture Primavera 2009.

Hilary Swank llevó un vestido precioso, con plumas y lentejuelas en gris y plateado, de Gucci Premiere. Llevó joyas de Anna Hu.

Jennifer Hudson llevó un vestido naranja, con detalle de origami creando una cola, de Atelier Versace Primavera 2008. Llevó joyas de Neil Lane.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elige a la Mejor Vestida de la Semana 8 del 2011

Aquí está la sección semanal con las elegidas a mejor vestida de la semana 8 del 2011. Espero que os guste, y que votéis por vuestra favorita.¡Gracias por Votar!

Jessica Alba es la Mejor Vestida de la Semana

Me encanta la elección que habéis hecho esta semana, Jessica Alba está absolutamente estupenda con este vestido azul de Versace Atelier. ¡Gracias a todos por votar!

Diane Kruger presenta "Unknown" en el Festival de Cine de Berlín

En la ceremonia de entrega de premios, Diane llevó un vestido blanco, con la espalda descubierta, de Vionnet Primavera 2011. Me encanta el clutch-libro que llevó, es de Chanel Primavera 2011.

En la presentación de su película llevó un vestido morado, con dibujo de mosaico, de Chanel Pre Fall 2011.

En la rueda de prensa llevó un vestido rojo de Prada, con sandalias turquesa de Prada Resort 2011.

Desfiles de Antonio Berardi, Mulberry y Matthew Williamson en la Semana de la Moda de Londres

Finalizada la semana de la Moda de Londres os traigo algunos de los desfiles más populares.

Podéis ver el resto de la colección aquí.

Podéis ver el resto de la colección aquí.

Podéis ver el resto de la colección aquí.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tradecraft: Ethan Hawke's Spy Team Comes Together

Deadline reports that two more members of Ethan Hawke's Mission: Impossible-like team of specialists-cum-spies have been cast on Fox's Exit Strategy.  British Elyes Gabel (a veteran of UK series Identity and The Dead Set) will play the Iranian-born Tarik, whom the trade blog describes as "an expert in vehicular transportation" (I don't know if that's their phrasing or the show's, but it sure beats "driver!") and Lina Esco (Heroes) will play "sassy South Boston girl Mia, an MIT graduate and computer expert." In other words, this team's Barney Collier. Hawke plays team leader Erik Shaw (filling the shoes of the late, great Peter Graves), and Megan Dodds was already cast as the team's doctor (filling the shoes, I suppose, of young Sam Elliott). Antoine Fuqua directs the pilot.

Exit Strategy unfolds in real time and follows this team of specialists as they clean up the CIA's worst messes and extract agents in very bad (dare I say... impossible?) situations week after week.  Right now, it looks like the CIA could use Erik Shaw and his people in real life to extract Agency contractor Ray Davis, currently sitting in jail in Pakistan on murder charges facing a possible death penalty, despite his diplomatic credentials. There's an interesting article on The Washington Post's excellent Spy Talk blog wherein former spooks discuss possible exfiltration scenarios to rescue Davis. All the non-diplomatic possibilities sound pretty preposterous... just like the stuff of Hollywood.  (One source even tells reporter Jeff Stein, "The more you think about it, the more it seems like Mission Impossible silliness.”) Presumably Exit Strategy producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and writer David Guggenheim are taking notes!

Exit Strategy is shaping up to be the new spy series I'm most looking forward to. I love the Mission: Impossible team dynamic, and if the actual Mission: Impossible franchise isn't going to use it in the Tom Cruise movies, someone else might as well do so.  The only thing I'm apprehensive of is the real-time aspect. Thankfully it will be different from 24 because each hour will occur on a totally different day and place rather than connecting together to form one long, very bad day, but it still might come off as less than original following that show's eight-season run. More worryingly, it could also become creatively limiting in later seasons, as it did on 24. Hopefully not, though...
Tradecraft: Who Will Accept The Bourne Legacy? 

This isn't really news, but I guess any traction on a new Bourne film is worth reporting. According to Deadline, pretty much every good-looking actor between the ages of 21 and 35 is being considered as the lead in the next Bourne movie. You probably assumed that already, right?  Of course you did.  Remember, as we've heard many times before, this new lead actor won't actually be playing the same character Matt Damon played; he'll be playing another character, making this film a spinoff rather than a sequel.  Which seems really stupid to me, but I guess I should wait and see where writer/director Tony Gilroy goes with this; he has a good track record.  But can you imagine if EON had said that George Lazenby would be playing 009 or 0011 instead of 007 after Sean Connery left the franchise, in hopes that Connery would come back later? History might have played out more or less the same with Connery returning once more, but the best film in the series would have been ruined! The point is, you don't need to change the character to change the actor. Just give us another Jason Bourne (by which I mean the David Webb Jason Bourne) instead of another character who's clearly treading water while the studio prays for Damon to return. Anyway. Deadline's Mike Fleming offers a laundry list of hot young actors on Universal's wish list here. I'm not going to repeat the whole list because you can probably guess them all anyway, and it doesn't mean anything till someone's actually cast. Two interesting (non-Gemini) contenders on opposite ends of the age spectrum with previous movie spy experience include Alex Pettyfer and Michael Fassbender. I admit, there's something amusing about the idea of Alex Rider stepping into Robert Ludlum's world... but not that amusing.

Presentación de Burberry Prorsum Invierno 2011 en Londres

Podéis ver el resto de la colección aquí.

Kate Bosworth llevó una cazadora de cuero y gabardina de Burberry Prorsum Primavera 2011, con falda llena de tachuelas y pinchos, ambas en tonos crudo.

Rachel Bilson llevó un vestido de tweed, con abrigo de plumas de Burberry Prorsum Pre Fall 2011. Llevó botines con hebillas y clutch de Burberry.

Alexa Chung llevó un jersey azul marino, con leggins de cuerno negro, y bolso turquesa de Burberry Prorsum Primavera 2011.

Lily Donaldson llevó una gabardina rojo, con botines negros.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Transporter TV Series Comes to Cinemax

We've been following EuropaCorp's development of a TV series based on their successful Transporter series of neo-Eurospy films for a while now, and last we heard (in December), the company had scored an American network but not yet announced which one.  Today, The New York Post reports that it's cable channel Cinemax.  A few weeks ago we heard that Cinemax was venturing into the world of scripted series that has proved so lucrative for other cable outlets, including their sibling company HBO, with an American version of the UK spy/action series Strike Back.  Apparently that's part of an aggressive strategy on the part of HBO to reshape Cinemax from the soft-core skin flick venue unofficially known (as far back as my childhood) as "Skinemax" into what the newspaper calls "a channel for tire-squealing shoot-'em-ups -- with a good measure of sex thrown in, of course."  The network still hasn't made any official announcements about the series or its creative talent, but the Stargate fan website GateWorld speculates that longtime Stargate writer-producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie are in talks to be involved in some capacity on the Trasnporter show.  It seems highly unlikely that Jason Statham will be involved at all with the series, and as of now it's unknown whether another actor will play his signature role of Frank Martin or if the TV version will focus on a different transporter altogether.  (The third film revealed that the profession is not quite as unique as one would think.)  I love the Transporter films, and while I think that Statham is the best part of them, I do think that the franchise has potential without him as a TV show--especially with European filming locations, which have been part of the package all along thanks to Luc Besson's Paris-base EuropaCorp. I've had Cinemax as part of my cable package for a long time because it was bundled with channels I actually watch, but I don't think I've ever tuned in.  Looks like that's about to change!
Tradecraft: Ashley Judd is the Female Liam Neeson In New ABC Spy Series

Deadline reports that Ashley Judd is "close to a deal" to play Becca Winstone, a highly-skilled former CIA agent who heads off to Europe in order to find her missing teenage son (presumably prepared to tear down the Eiffel Tower if she has to) in the previously announced ABC spy series Missing.  Furthermore, the trade blog reveals that the series, which was originally slated for summer, has been moved back to a fall premiere.  To me, the fact that the premise seems awfully similar to Taken is not a bad thing.  Especially not when the series is shooting in Rome, Vienna and Prague!  For real!  When's the last time an American spy show actually shot overseas, and didn't simply redress the same Burbank locations to stand in for all those places?  (I Spy, maybe?) I look forward to seeing the 42-year-old Judd channel some of the (then) 58-year-old Neeson's world-weary badassery. Read more about Missing (which was previously known as Hall of Mirrors) here.

Eventos de la Semana

Front Row de Marc Jacobs Invierno 2011, NY

Leighton Meester llevó un vestido estampado, en tonos granates y naranjas, de Marc Jacobs Primavera 2011. Llevó sandalias con tiras cruzadas "Salsbourg" de Christian Louboutin.

Fiesta "La dieta Pepsi" en NY

Blake Lively llevó un vestido negro, semitransparente, con escote asimétrico, de Valentino Pre Fall 2011. Llevó los botines de Christian Louboutin para Jonathan Saunders, con stras.

Premiere de "Just Go With It" en Berlín

Jennifer Aniston ¿no se cansa de ir siempre de negro?, en esta ocasión llevó un vestido muy bonito, de Nina Ricci Resort 2011.

Ashley Greene celebra su 24 cumpleaños, Las Vegas

Ashley llevó un vestido negro, drapeado, de BCBG by Max Azria.

Premiere de "Just Go With It" en Madrid

Jennifer llevó un pantalón negro, de talle alto, con una camiseta básica.

Presentación de Tommy Hilfiger Invierno 2011, NY

Olivia Palermo llevó un traje blanco, de Tommy Hilfiger Primavera 2010, con una suéter rosa.

Rosario Dawson llevó un vestido de lentejuelas azul marino.

Fiesta Chrysler y Vanity Fair de "The Fighter", LA

Amy Adams llevó un vestido negro de lentejuelas, de Stella McCartney. Llevó clutch y zapatos de Salvatore Ferragamo.

Inauguración de la Semana de la Moda de Londres

Olivia Palermo llevó un vestido color caqui, con botines de print de leopardo.

Fiesta Maxim, NY

Me encantó el vestido azul intenso que llevó Michelle Trachtenberg, de Notte by Marchesa.