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  • San_Chez
    03-24 04:45 PM
    muni k,

    i am in a similar situation. i consulted a lawyer who said that even 1 day spent out the country can & must be taken in to account (for the 365 day eligibility). as long as your PERM LC was filed, you should not have a problem.

    good luck!

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  • Digitalosophy
    11-24 08:45 PM

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  • zombie123
    08-25 02:27 AM
    Hi all,

    I recently appeared for L1A visa (blanket petition) at Delhi Consulate. I already have travelled to the US on B1 Visa and currently hold a valid B1 Visa. I was asked the following questions:
    Q1: What do you at 'xxx' (my company's name)?
    Q2: What is your designation?
    Q3: How long have you been with 'xxx' (my company's name)?
    Q4: How long have you working in managerial role?
    Q5: How many people report into you?
    Q6: Will you be performing same duties in the US?
    Q7: Will you have people reporting into you?
    Q8: but you will be hiring or firing individuals? you will not be measuring individual's performances?

    I have been working with my org. for over 7 years and have travelled in various countries in the past. This was my frist L1 Visa application. My designation is of a manager and I work with over 50+ clients for my domain. My role in the US was to manage a function in our company.

    From what I understood of my conversation with the consul - since I do not and will not have people reporting into me or have direct monitoring of individual performances, I do not fit in the "manager" category for the L1A Petition

    Towards the end of the interview consul said that your company should apply your visa in different category. I couldnt ask the consul which category specifically.

    My company is now evaluating the option of re-applying the Visa through Blanket L1 B for me.

    Can anyone guide me the possible interpretation of "another category" ?
    Secondly, we have time constraints for the project for which I was travelling. Hence, Individual Petition will take a great deal of time. If my Visa is applied under L1B category what are chances of it getting rejected? considering the fact that my company feels that L1A is the right category for my Visa application. :confused:

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  • anandrajesh
    09-26 07:15 PM
    I am in the same situation.........

    Same here...


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  • glus
    01-24 09:04 AM
    Whichever status was approved the LATEST, that is the status you are in now. If H-1B status change was approved AFTER F-1 status was granted, then normally you are on H-1B status.

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  • diptam
    07-10 09:20 AM

    Do you know that if i become a named Plaintiff in 485 fiasco lawsuit and the lawsuit drags for a Year ( just vague timeline) does that imapairs my ability to file a fresh new 485 application if my PD becomes CURRENT ?

    I'm also assuming that USCIS would not return my Package sent on July 2nd since i'm the middle of a live lawsuit as a plaintiff.

    Thoughts ? Knowledges ?



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  • MatsP
    October 27th, 2004, 02:31 AM

    The first picture isn't as good as the others, because it's too dark in the face. You need to wait for the light to hit their face some, and then snap. Harder to do, than to recommend, really.

    Can't really comment on the others.

    [And by no means saying I would have come up with anything as good or better].


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  • rustamehind
    07-17 09:24 PM
    I agree this turned out to be judgement day for many.


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  • kirupa
    04-23 10:07 PM
    Hi Gaurav,
    Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible to customize the scrollbar inside a WebBrowser. The WebBrowser is almost a direct inline view of the IE browser, so if your IE browser's scrollbars were different, then I believe the WebBrowser control's scrollbars would be different as well.

    In other words, the style is inherited from IE.


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  • sumanitha
    08-01 01:00 PM
    Thanks all for your help and sorry for the new thread.


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  • emeraldth
    01-05 03:42 PM
    My job description is "xxx mathematician" on the I-140, but what I'm actually doing is developing and supporting scientific programs. The industry is not IT. If I switch back to IT, could it still be "similar job"?
    Could anyone give me some suggestion, or recommend a good attorney for this? Thank you!

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  • jungalee43
    03-20 08:38 AM
    To members in North Carolina. Today I have received inquiry from News and Observer Group of Raleigh, NC. The inquiry has come through an immigration attorney. They would like to interview someone who is affected by retrogression and understand how the problem would cause brain drain from USA. I am thinking that instead I alone making my voice heard, I want to involve IV and other members. So if someone from NC want his/her/their voice heard and want to join me in this interview please write to me on
    Based on the responses I would reply to this newspaper.
    Admin what should be the approach for this interview? Please guide.


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  • sendmailtojk
    07-19 11:44 AM
    Is it mandatory to spend [B]at least[B] 6 months residing in the US every calendar year after obtaining a GC? :confused:

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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-12 01:07 PM
    the testimony links on the right hand site are worth reading they make compelling arguments..wonder what happend..there are no commitee member comments on this hearing.

    Found this while searching the website of the Senate Judiciary committee. Even though it is more than a month old, the references to SKIL bill in the hearing offers a glimmer of hope to us..As I understand the SKIL bill has been referred to the same committee for several months now.


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  • glus
    12-09 03:26 PM
    You maintain H-1B status as long as there is a relationship between u and ur company. This is usually showed by paystubs. If you do not, you can apply for H-1B transfer, but then the extension of stay will most likely not be granted, as the USCIS needs to see your paystubs. I would speak to an attorney about this.

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  • kewlkrazy
    01-11 07:34 PM

    I had a question about the H-1B cap. I am currently in F-1 status in
    graduate school and am planning to finish my degree requirements
    sometime in March/April 2007 and eventually need to be in H-1B status
    to continue to work in the US.

    I previously was in the H-1B status from Jan. 2001 till Sep. 2001 (9 months)
    for which I was counted towards the FY2001 H-1B cap (more than 6 years ago).
    In Sep. 2001, I switched to F-1 status to get a PhD and haven't been
    outside the US for more than 4 weeks since then. My question is

    will I be subject to the H-1B cap again, and get a new 6-year H-1B
    term, if a for-profit employer files an H-1B petition for me for FY2008


    will I get the remaining 5 years and 3 months from my previous H-1B and
    not be counted against the H-1B cap ?


    will I get the remaining 5 years and 3 months from my previous H-1B and
    also be counted against the H-1B cap ?

    By the H-1B cap, I am referring to the numerical annual limit of 65k+20k.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.


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  • willIWill
    11-11 04:59 PM
    Seek a competent lawyer's help. There is a "nunc pro tunc" option . Since you applied for the initial amendment in May 2009 after your expiration of OPT, they would have to check if any grace period applies or if it could be done in your case for "change of Status". But worth the try, in either case you make sure you are not "out of status".

    Hope all ends well for you.

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  • Ashendarai
    11-09 08:04 PM

    how is it possible to change jobs while the GC application is pending (part of the July 07 madness). Supposedly there is the AC21 form, is there an example how this form should be filled, and what other documents should be included? How long does it take to approve? (for driver's license, traveling, etc.). Does it have to be filed with H1B extension?

    The new job offer is 25% pay increase, otherwise very similar, could that be a problem?

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  • sony_vaio
    09-06 08:22 AM
    Ajju, Mine & wife's applications for 485/EAD/AP reached Nebraska on 07/25/07 and I have receipt dates of 08/27/07. I'm yet to receive it from my lawyer. Found out the LIN #'s from the back of my encashed check. No finger print notice yet. I do not think every one who filed between 07/17/07 to 08/17/07 will have a receipt date of 07/17/07

    Blog Feeds
    08-10 10:00 AM
    The Department of Labor (DOL) issued new PERM FAQs ( on August 3, 2010. The issues addressed by DOL in this round of FAQs include expedite requests, how to document the use of an employee referral program, unsolicited documentation and what constitutes a "business day" for purposes of posting the Notice of Filing. Within the FAQs, DOL states the following:

    * Expedite Requests - DOL clarifies that the Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC), as a matter of long-standing policy, will not accept requests to expedite PERM applications;
    * Employee Referral Programs (ERP) - DOL states that an employer can document its use of an ERP with incentives by providing dated copies of its notices or memoranda advertising the program and specifying the incentives offered. The employer must document the existence of the ERP, and that its employees were aware of the vacancy of the specific position for which certification is being sought. This can be achieved through posting on the employer's website. However, the physical Notice of Filing shall not be sufficient for this purpose;
    * Unsolicited Documentation - DOL emphasizes that if unsolicited documentation is provided to the OFLC in support of a pending PERM application, then the application will automatically be placed in the audit queue;
    * Business Day - As part of the required recruitment procedures to support a PERM application, a Notice of Filing must be physically posted for 10 consecutive business days. The OFLC clarifies that for purposes of the Notice of Filing, a business day will be defined as Monday through Friday, except for Federal holidays.

    If you need support with your PERM case, feel free to email me. (

    More... (

    08-02 09:02 PM
    EB2 India - PD 1st June 2006