Wednesday, June 29, 2011

kabuliwala pictures

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  • kabuliwala story.

  • pvpb
    10-11 04:48 PM
    Hi GUys,
    My application reached NSc on August 3rd ..signed by Bbesch...
    Did nto hear anything back from them..please update if you are in the same boat

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  • Mumbai, May 7: In order to

  • CADude
    10-02 04:00 PM
    If you will use AP then your status is "Immigration Pending". Please contact your Attorney.

    I am currently working on H1B and have received my EAD and Advance Parole recently. I am planning to travel next month and want to use
    my Advance Parole for this purpose. When I come back (to avoid h1b stamping again in home country). Do I need to use EAD to continue
    working in US?

    Thanks in advance

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  • kabuliwala malayalam movie

  • thomachan72
    07-08 10:32 AM
    Everybody please post the names of attorneys who are easy / not easy, safe / not safe to deal with. People can post the names of the attorneys and a brief description (without specifics) about the problems / happy endings, they encountered. This could become an excellent review post for immigration lawyers. we could also maybe put 3 or 4 criteria to score them from 1 to 4. for eg:-
    availability to answer questions
    timely filing
    acurate filing (with all documents)
    current with legal provisions and latest changes
    overall easiness to work with
    etc etc
    Experts pls join in to fix the scoring pattern. We need to know the crooks and the good samaritarians out there.

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  • played the Kabuliwala from

  • drirshad
    05-24 10:51 AM
    Is the postal address same for EAD & AP renewal for e-Filers.

    The forms that printed out for EAD & AP renewal for e-Filers shows same address to send the supporting documents.

    And only EAD needs the 2 photos right not the AP for e-Filers.


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  • Beebay find kabuliwala at you

  • goel_ar
    07-25 05:36 PM
    H4 to H1 transfer - how will that happen?

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  • and quot; Kabuliwalaquot; -- these

  • sth2009
    07-24 03:36 AM
    I am in the same situation.I was told by my lawyer that if company A didnt cancel the H1b and as long as u have a valid and unexpired h1b with company A u dont need to retransfer to company A


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  • Anyone remember the Kabuliwala

  • Liz
    06-28 11:31 PM
    Dear Attorney,

    My company is willing to sponsor me and I have a few questions regarding the occupation.

    I have no professional degree but I have 7 years experience as a general manager. My boss spoke to one attorney who said that I can be in EB-3 skilled worker but he (the attorney) is going to put that at least 5 years experience is required. The company that I have been working for is an export/import Asian food company (65 employees; $100 million revenue) so my boss is not going to hire someone who has only 2 years experience. The attorney also wants to put that a foreign language (Korean) is required as I will be responsible for making orders from Korea.

    On the other hand I went to a different lawyer who said that if I want to be in EB-3 skilled worker the 2 years experience is enough and if there will be a foreign language requirement, most likely my ETA9089 will be denied. Also, he mentioned that a GENERAL MANAGER requires at least a bachelor's degree (as stated in SWA OES).

    I would appreciate your input.

    Thank you.

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  • He perfectly fits the imaginary kabuliwala in my mind from all the songs and

  • gjoe
    10-03 03:46 PM
    What's need of creating such kind of thread . It is just wastage of time.:mad:

    But you see people like me having time to spare. how can you call it waste of time when we do this in our spare time?


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  • Lyrics-Kabuliwala

  • justice4all
    08-31 03:33 PM
    I am planning to file EB2 and port my EB3-I140 PD. My current position is System Analyst with EB3 job requirement. I can get a promotion but that doesnt qualify for EB2 job requirement. So I am planning to move to a different position, Research Associate which qualifies for EB2(it requires masters degree) with the same employer. Can I file EB2 with this position and port my EB3-I140 PD? Advice pls.


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  • hair Like kabuliwala bengali

  • k94
    03-08 02:05 PM
    If you are a French citizen, then yes, you can get a new H1-B visa stamp at the US Embassy in Paris. But if you are a citizen of another country, then no, you cannot get a US H1-B visa in Paris. You have the option of getting an appointment and going to a US Embassy/Consulate in Canada, Mexico, or your country of citizenship.

    Whether the French will give you a French visa is another question, but regardless, you will have to have a new US H1-B visa to get back into the country.


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  • hot Kabuliwala. quot;Even to

  • GCNirvana007
    09-06 12:14 AM
    my gc is filed under eb3 India PD march 2007

    is it true i cant be promoted till GC comes through &

    is it true my salary cant be raised beyond a certain point

    GC has got nothing to do with your work, who told you that

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  • writing styles. kabuliwala

  • mdforgc
    07-23 07:20 PM
    even if you go for counsular processing


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  • kabuliwala malayalam movie

  • n2b
    02-05 12:10 PM
    Thank you both for the responses.

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  • predrag stojakovic, Kabuliwala+malayalam

    03-07 02:14 PM
    I also dint receive the FP notice for my son. When I checked the USCIS help desk and also with my attorney for my son's (5 years) FP, I was told that kids under 16 years (16 years if I correctly remember) dont need FP in 485 processing.


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  • Sabir+kabuliwala

  • HeeKwan
    04-18 04:52 PM
    Hello !

    My company had changed their Immigration Lawyer A to B.
    During this process my original PERM approved notification letter had been lost. I filed the I-140 on 6/14/2007 without the approval letter at Nebraska service center.

    PD: 3/6/2003 (EB3 ROW)
    Finger Printer: 12/6/2007.
    I-485: LUD: 12/7/2007 at TSC

    Labor Dept. said that they had sent, however, My previous lawyer did not have it, a new my company lawyer B did not have it, my company HR did not have it and I did not have it.
    I hope USCIS will request a duplicate approval notice from DOL directly after my I-140 has been filed, and how fast DOL acts on the request?
    DOL has stated that it acts on such requests immediately, so the adjudication of the I-140 should not be delayed significantly.

    Could you advise me, how long it will more delay for my I-140 approval processes in this cituation?

    Thanks ! :mad:

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  • kabuliwala rabindranath

  • sk2009
    03-07 10:21 PM

    my kids received finger print notice in 1st week of feb 2008 where as my self and my husband got it in Oct 2007

    and we were told by my attorney FP is not required for kids below 14 0r so

    we didnot try to call USCIS


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  • diplomat turns Kabuliwala

  • psychman
    11-18 01:59 AM
    Hi Kirupa. Thank you very much for the link. That did help clear things up. I think I could still benefit from seeing an example if you wouldn't mind sending one? Thanks!

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  • makeup Kabuliwala

  • ski_dude12
    03-22 12:43 PM
    Another one who cut the line - Substitute labor...

    They are asking for Company Tax returns

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  • kabuliwala by rabindranath

  • vina92
    02-26 01:42 PM
    I just watched Sue discussing with two people,about skil bill. Both are in favour of Immigration bill.I do not know to forward the link but if one of you can, please post the link.

    06-11 12:00 PM
    can i do it by myself.
    please guide me to the right thread or if you can mention what documents i would need to apply for new AP along with the renewal of EAD

    06-15 12:16 PM
    And your source is???

    DHS | Yearbook of Immigration Statistics: 2009 (