Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • sina
    08-20 01:36 PM
    You can stay here as long as the I797 is valid (there is no rule to stamp it within a year). Do you have H1B stamped frome before or is this your first H1? If the first one then you have to get it stamped when you travel out of US. If this is not the first one then you can travel back on your old H1 stamp with new I797.

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  • manand24
    10-25 03:31 PM
    I think that it is very common to get the EAD card with Finger Prints not available printed. I do not think that you should be worried too much about this.

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  • ushkand
    07-20 12:19 PM
    Hi All,
    I received I485 receipts from my lawyer, they are missing my priority date which is in sept 2002. Not sure why they are missing..
    Did any one come across the same situation....

    what does it mean

    Would you be kind enough to post your filing date and USCIS RD?


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  • for_gc
    02-07 10:57 AM
    Just saw this news on Economics Times (Indian Newspaper).


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  • sri1973
    07-18 03:26 PM
    Hello All,
    Brief History: I am working for a Food Processing company (A) in R&D. Company A was my sponsor for GC. I have been on EAD since Oct 2007 (filed 485 during July-Aug 2007 time period) :) . My I-140 was approved Jan 2007. My GC application was started in Apr 2006 - Perm process. Also, i still have my H1B(Extension) valid until Apr 2010. Company A uses a consulting firm for roughly about 25 - 35% of R&D projects.

    Reason to change: I believe this opportunity will have a significant change/growth to my career.

    Questions: :confused: Can i change my job to the consulting firm using EAD? What are the consequences i should expect from USCIS? Does the Consulting company have to get involved with any Immigration fillings?
    If i decide to work for the consulting firm, i will still be doing the same job for Company A but as a consultant + I will have additional projects with other Food Processing companies. I think labor application job description won't change (Company A to Consulting Firm) and this is where i struggle to understand the rules. Need your thoughts and Advice.
    Appreciate your help and Thanks for your time.

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  • lkapildev
    01-15 04:41 PM
    Please respond only if you are EB2 India


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  • roseball
    04-14 08:36 PM
    If you are born in UK and if you apply for labor certification under EB-2 category (job requirement: Master's degree or BS+5 yrs exp) then your priority dates are current and you can file for I-485 and get your GC in about 1.5 yrs...(ofcourse only if its not stuck under name check or any other complications...)

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  • thomachan72
    09-11 11:53 AM

    I have a quick question about PERM requirements. I was told by my attorney that if I own my company�s stocks, I will be considered a part owner of the company and this will automatically trigger an audit.

    My company is a private company and I was given some stock options with very few stocks that I have exercised. I will really appreciate your response.


    I dont think so. These options are a portion of the employee benefits. You pay tax for these when you exercise them. By holding a share you are only investing in that company you have certain rights as a share holder but not enough to be considered an owner (like a restaurent owner for example). Also how is the CIS going to be aware or be concerned about this? Consult another attorney if you are so worried. Your attorney might be over concerned or misinformed.


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  • p_t_smiles
    June 9th, 2005, 07:03 AM
    I'm a newbi, and I have allways been fascinated by this effect, can you share any pointers!


    I know what you mean. I'm a newbie also and have been fascinated by that effect. I'm so excited that I have been able to get it.

    I-485 General Receipts Tracker [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : I-485 General Receipts Tracker

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  • harrydr
    01-13 09:34 PM
    Can anyone clear my doubts on the 2 scenarios below. Thanks.


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  • msp1976
    04-05 04:15 PM
    My wife's H1 ends and before it expires she is leaving for home country, there she will apply for h4 to come back on.

    Do we need to file change of status form for her?
    Thank you,

    as long as she is in US she is on H1
    in home country She gets H4 stamp..When she enters US again she gets H4 status..

    No need to file another change of status...

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  • senk1s
    05-14 12:20 AM
    2 cent questions ...

    Is NSC processing EB3s regularly?

    TSC is not processing EB2s as well ... are they working on EB1s only?

    Is it because the Visa #s are exhausted for the period?


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  • mk26
    03-03 09:56 PM
    Check with your attorney, they can help you to get another copy..

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  • rtaqi
    07-16 12:38 PM
    I had an appointment in Ottawa in May. Ottawa doesn't need you to deposit mony in Scotia Bank (unless they just changed the rules). You can pay it right there in US dollars before the interview, make sure you take exact change.


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  • EAD2009
    04-10 02:52 PM
    Hi Every one,

    I'm on OPT right now ,i'm done with my masters in DEC 2007.

    My visa Stamp in my passport was only untill april 2008(I got F1 stamped only for 24 months), now i'm on OPT extension.I applied H1B in 2008 and got RFE my employer could not answer the RFE and revoked my petition.

    I did't apply in 2009 even i have chance to apply(because of the JOB fear ) i got my OPT extension approved ,my OPT extension is going to end in June 2010 , any way i will be applying H1B in 2010.

    My question is if i don't get H1B in 2010 ,my plan i to take CPT and search for jobs ,does it effects my future immigration any way.

    Thanks in advance for every one.

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  • nikhilarora
    10-07 05:24 PM
    Hi All,

    I transferred my H1B from Company A to Company B. Currently i am working with Company B, but my Company -B's H1B Application is Still in Pending.

    Now i would like to do the COS from Company B(pending H1B) to F1 as I already received I-20 from the University for the Spring 2010.

    Case Description: Assume that, we applied Change of Status from H1B to F1 and it is in pending status.
    Case i : what happens to my Pending H1B Application with the Company B.
    Case ii : What happens if my H1B with Company B gets approved/Denied, when COS from H1B to F1 is pending.
    Case iii: what happens if my H1B to F1 Change of Status gets denied.

    Appreciate your valuable answers.


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  • snathan
    04-01 10:32 AM
    I'm in my 3rd year of my first H1-B which will be expired Sep. 2011.

    If I transfer my H1-B now to another company, then do I automatically get another 3 years or do I have to file an extension after my H1-B has been transferred?



    You dont have to file extension if you get approval

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  • HeeKwan
    07-28 05:16 PM
    It had been approved on 5/5/2010.

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  • dealsnet
    10-09 08:37 AM
    Better to send the GC to India and he can enter with that GC.
    His wife's GC is through his and her stay here depends on him.
    So don't go for the route, to file for him as her depenant. This will make everything screwup.
    Many people entered after their GC approval.

    u cannot use Canada PR to enter US. If he left US without AP then his application for adjustment of status is considered abandoned.

    spouse can file new application in dependent category. the dates for dependent category have come quite close since last 6 months. he could expect a GC in 6 months !

    talk to a lawyer about dependent 485.

    08-05 11:57 AM
    I enter US four times this year by using AP, same airport, but different experience. 1st, 2nd and 3rd entry was sent to secondary check. But the 4th entry, the CBP said it's unnecessary for secondary check and fill new I-94 because previous officers are new guys, don't know the rule. I thought 1st entry is definitely need go secondary check.

    02-13 08:13 PM
    We need a handle to kick start a similar plead. In the last one year and quarter here at this forum, I had never seen one that CIS has done injustice to us by mis-interpreting a rule or law or act. If somebody knows otherwise, please state and cite facts. The class action suit ("Schneider vs. Chertoff") was filed by Shusterman on behalf of a group of international doctors in response to CIS regulations implementing the Nursing Relief for Disadvantaged Areas Act of 1999. Section five of the Act provides that "any alien physician" can qualify for a green card through a "National Interest Waiver," provided they practice in a federally designated health professional shortage area. The National Interest Waiver program is intended to accelerate the hiring of international doctors willing to serve in such areas.

    In its regulations implementing the Act, the CIS stated that only primary care physicians, not medical specialists such as surgeons or radiologists, could qualify for green cards through a National Interest Waiver. The agency's regulations therefore eliminated the right thousands of international specialist physicians had to petition for green cards through the National Interest Waiver program.


    Can Carl Shusterman help us get USCIS release the numbers allocated and how they were allocated?

    He below argued how USCIS interpreted the law and won,60087.shtml