Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • MLS
    06-26 04:43 PM
    Any more information on how you contacted your senator (via email / phone call ) will help too.
    Thank you very much !!

    I had asked my StateSenator to inquire about my case and the senator office got back in 2 weeks saying that the USCIS liaiason informed that all looks good on my case and that cards should be ordered within 30 days. Six days after that i.e. today I got a notice saying cards were ordered.

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  • lazycis
    12-17 07:17 PM
    4. What are the advantages of filing AC-21?

    I do not see any.

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  • santb1975
    01-11 11:22 AM

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  • lost_in_migration
    11-16 03:09 PM

    Other Discriminatory Practices Under Federal EEO Laws
    Title VII

    Title VII prohibits not only intentional discrimination, but also practices that have the effect of discriminating against individuals because of their race, color, national origin, religion, or sex.
    National Origin Discrimination

    * It is illegal to discriminate against an individual because of birthplace, ancestry, culture, or linguistic characteristics common to a specific ethnic group.
    * A rule requiring that employees speak only English on the job may violate Title VII unless an employer shows that the requirement is necessary for conducting business. If the employer believes such a rule is necessary, employees must be informed when English is required and the consequences for violating the rule.

    The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 requires employers to assure that employees hired are legally authorized to work in the U.S. However, an employer who requests employment verification only for individuals of a particular national origin, or individuals who appear to be or sound foreign, may violate both Title VII and IRCA; verification must be obtained from all applicants and employees. Employers who impose citizenship requirements or give preferences to U.S. citizens in hiring or employment opportunities also may violate IRCA.


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  • peacock
    07-19 10:33 AM
    You can skip skin test and just straight away get a Xray done.
    Also if its not possible to come here before Aug 15th ,then it will be very useful if she carries her titre's of all the required immunisations from an uscis certified physician in India and shows it to the civil surgeon here. Talk to the civil surgeon in person here and check with him if he will be willing to accept lab results from India .

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  • GCplease
    02-29 01:54 PM
    Mailed mine and 2 of my co-workers' letters to IV on 2/26/08.
    Already sent them to the White House a couple of weeks ago.


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  • sanju
    07-26 12:17 PM
    I know before you start blaming me for this thread, as it is of no use, I would like to point out that most of you must be experiencing the same thing. I didn't care much for Visa bulletin until it became current for EB2 two weeks back. As the time progress, I am doing all sorts of things, like checking USCIS case status, and checking everything that can possibly give me some information. I know that it is waste of time, I know it is not good for health, I know that I will get GC when time comes, but still, my mind is tricking me to think about it. I checked all these forums until 2A.M last night. I am not having enough sleep. I am waiting for a opportunity to get rid of my desi employer. I am really getting frustrated (I am not saying that I have been waiting for GC approval desperately). I just want to share my frustration and what I have been going through. I know I am in a better position than most of other people whose priority date is not even current. I wish they never dangled a carrot in front of me. I am not sure if they disappoint me next month, but I am still keeping my hopes. Hopefully, I would get over this and have enough sleep from today.

    Totally understand your situation. Good that you let out and share your frustration. Sometimes it is therapeutic just to let it out and then go back to normal sleep cycles. As Dalai Lama (with no offense to our Chinese friends on the forum) recently said - Proper Sleep and drinking proper amount of water daily is fundamental aspect for living long and healthy life. Thanks to alergro for pointing out that there is more to cherish and be happy for, and that applies to all of us. Although this issue does affect our lives and every few days we get out of our normal daily routine and think more about future plans, then all of a sudden we see GC roadblock stopping our every plan/progress, and we tend to become extra worried about it, go out searching for all the knowledge available to answer our questions, and in the process become worried and spend a few sleepless nights. It seems that this may be happening in your situation too, just a guess. If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place and there are many more in the similar situation here. They may not admit this, they may be rude or nasty to you taking offense from the words you chose to post/reply on this forum, or sometimes you take an offense from what they have to say to you, but we are all in the same boat under similar circumstances. If nothing else, atleast that's the consolation you can take from this thread.

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  • smuggymba
    11-03 08:04 AM
    Sen Reid and Grassley win. I was hoping they would lose badly.


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  • tiinap
    04-08 04:35 PM
    Very interesting:
    They say that they will run Master's cap first, then put the leftovers into regular cap lottery pool. But it would be better for master's degree holders if they did it the other way around!

    We know the master's odds are better than general pool odds. Maybe about 50% vs. 25% this year.

    Think through the math! It would be more advantageous for Master's degree holders to go through the general lottery first, and only if they lose in general be put into master's lottery. Maybe there would be less than 20,000 general lottery losers with advanced degree, then there would be no need for another lottery, they would automatically get the 20,000 that's allocated for them.

    Is USCIS trying to screw Master's holders on purpose, or are they just bad at math and screwed them due to ignorance?

    The spirit of the whole master's cap law is to give master's holders an advantage. USCIS had a choice here of giving a small advantage (master's lottery first, then general) or big advantage (general lottery first, then master's) and they chose the smaller advantage.

    The whole fact that we're here thinking about the odds, just like horsebetting, is of course ludicrous in itself.

    Good luck to everyone in the lottery.

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  • tonyHK12
    11-11 01:01 PM
    Dear tselva,

    why 22May06 for India EB2, i think your PD is before that. can you please add two more months, that covers mine too.


    Why not 3 more years either :)

    Another point I think is that even if IV had a couple of million dollars I don't think it will be able to pursuade the Congress to pass any legislation to bring relief to legal immigrants considering the mood of the people in the Congress . No one would like to hurt their political career with voting for us in the Congress. The politicians do only lip service whether for illegal or legal immigrant bills. They have zero interest in seeing them passed in the Congress.

    Well thought I had to answer this better. The answer is YES, we can get bills introduced and passed if we had 2 million dollars. Lets not make assumptions about what congress cares for, we'll let core members handle that. As written previously, we have managed to get quite a lot of change done with minuscule funding, even though we haven't been able to afford the best people.
    Maybe right now even achieved a bit more than the illegal immigration lobby.
    How exactly do we do it? - Check Donor forum, where we get constant updates on our efforts in Washington DC.

    Donations start at a one time of $25, even if that's the only thing you do all year.
    There are some thinking why not get everything for free, when IV is already working? Its a tendency of many to save as much as possible, and get the thrill of getting something free. As I speak, Donors are benefiting from IVs efforts. United we can achieve a lot, Divided we fail.

    The other common excuse is - "I really don't care, even if I don't get the GC, I can always find a job back home. Pay $1000 for my return flight. Just visiting... "
    Well I guess the other option of spending much less, getting a GC in 1-2 years, starting your own business in the USA, making much more money is really something no one wants.


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  • BarneySha
    07-29 10:36 AM
    e-filed: May 15, 2008
    FP: June 12, 2008
    Approved: July 22, 2008
    Cards recvd: July 28, 2008
    Validity: July 22 2008 - July 21, 2010
    (current EAD expires Sept 15, 2008. As previous poster said - lost 2 months but got 2 yr approval instead! so am happy about that!)

    I140 - Approved

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  • Libra
    01-11 12:33 PM


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  • gc28262
    06-24 12:33 PM
    No way CIR or any form of amnesty for illegal will happen in the next few year.
    Immigration is one thing where majority of americans are united in controlling illegal population.

    It can pass Senate but House it will never pass.
    Moment CIR comes up, the right wing will arouse the masses. House members focus on more
    local issues and in many districts people dont want illegal amnesty or CIR. They want a crackdown.

    Democratic members in the House will never pass CIR against a Republican opposition otherwise they will pay a heavy price in the election.

    In fact democratic party was able to get the house by selecting conservation candidates in the
    conservative districts. Thats was the Howard dean/Rahm emanuel strategy. Select candiates who can win rather than candidates who are steadfast with core democratic party principles.
    Thus you have democratic party members like Jim Webb who are adrent supporters of the NRA
    (pro guns) in a state like Virginia.

    If this is true, how come CIR is one of the main agendas of democratic party. Also remember hispanic votes were a deciding factor in the last election. GOP acknowledges that. Moreover voters demographics has changed since last election. Electorate is comprised of higher percentage of forward thinking younger generation.

    IMO anti-immigrant racist voter percentage will be on decline in coming years. So democrats/gop is better off catering to the likes of this younger generation.

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  • sheela
    02-21 11:26 AM
    Thanks Sheela. Was that visit to home, a part of your employer audit as well as it was mentioned by bujjigadu123 or something else?
    Not sure whether you got a chance to ask the officer about the reason for this visit? Was it a part of random check or any investigation on fund transfers or any other program etc?

    Now, I think it is a random check and nothing like 'employer audit'. I never asked him -at that time I thought it was a part of background check.

    I believe they are always doing these checks probability could be 1/100,000 although i have no idea at the frequency.


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  • suren1
    02-12 11:41 AM
    As per data - EB3 is dead horse for rest of the FY

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  • nivasch
    01-31 03:04 PM
    I liked ur statement


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  • aquarianf
    07-19 09:58 AM
    My spouse is landing here on Aug 15. That leaves only one day to get medicals done. Any suggestions on how to handle this ? Can she skip skin test and take X-rays directly ?

    If you talk to your medical office in advance to see that if they can give report in one day then it could be possible. Also you may consider your wife to get all vaccination in advance from the place where she is staying currently. Can't she prepone her trip by 1-2 days?

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  • mnq1979
    08-22 10:18 AM
    I wonder what is this article all about !!! pls. post the text here so that we can read it !!!!!:)

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  • vine93
    01-05 11:11 AM
    Dear friends:

    As the Past President of a PMI Chapter (PMP for the past 10 years and working in the field of Project management for the past 15 years) let me shed some light to this query.

    Reasons why you should do PMP
    1) If you believe you need a promotion, new job or rise the corporate ladder within the field of IT or management, take PMP.....Billing rate of PM's is $90-150/hr for consulting, full time could be from $100K-$250K. The next generation CIO's will be highly qualified PM's.
    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.
    3) PMP will help you get the project manager job, if you do not have one. However, become a Project Manager only if you like working with people. Trust me, if you hate politics and hate managing people, it is better for you to stay a techie. Your life will be miserable if you do not like managing people. Do something that you enjoy, rather than what you may hate. It is all about people and people management, rather than project management in the world of PMP's
    4) PMP has become mandatory for all large gigs or projects. Small projects do not need PMP's and small projects do not pay well too.
    5) PMP does not make you a better project manager. But PMP is needed by the industry. It is the experience that one gets from being on the field from different industries that makes one a good project manager.

    I hope this should help some of you to make a decision to be a PMP or not.

    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.

    Wrong !!

    I work for IBM and IBM just recently outsourced almost all the PM's and SDM's job to India only ( Not to China because of English speaking ability ).
    IBM got tonnes of skilled MBA's with english speaking. As of now hardly I see any PM's from US during calls. But I admire you for all the other points. well said.

    02-16 09:41 AM
    Once again CA is leading the way for the rest of us to follow. Thanks for posting the detailed minutes of the meeting and the follow up.

    Everyone, please note how easy it is do it and how much effect it has.

    02-19 08:36 PM
    Guys let's come together on this--everyone has some good points to share, from every angle. As a CP filer myself, I want to say that job stability concerns are very valid for CP filers, who are haunted by last summer's greenlight and today's major retrogression. The landscape has changed for everyone, for both queues. From personal experience of being in the BEC backlog, being too early for PERM and too late for concurrent filing, after 5 years of being in this process and seeing the further backlog ahead, yes I was willing to pick CP (even though I would be giving up my ability to work as the spouse) because it looked like things were finally moving last summer. The option was there for people to choose, and nobody knew the dates would roll back so painfully again. Equally, I also want to point out that IV IS about everyone and these marvellous efforts IV continues to put together and inspiring in all of us, are beneficial to all because the overall goal is to ease the backlog which is holding everyone back. Now that this discussion has happened we are all aware of the new problem that is facing CP filers in severly retrogressed countries. And it is better that this is brought to light as we continue forward. Please everyone, continue supporting the letter campaign and let's be united and discuss these issues with respect for one another.