Sunday, June 26, 2011


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  • roseball
    07-31 09:48 AM
    The online case status reflects the notice dates and not the actual received dates....These are the dates the cases were entered into USCIS's systems...

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  • swamy
    04-03 02:21 PM
    I really thank IV for the support extended so far. I am praying to god and hoping that this matter is resovled else this will seriously affect my small family of me, my wife and my one year old for absolutely no fault of ours.
    I am also working with the law firm and they are trying to reach out to USCIS to try to rectify this grave mistake.
    The only thing that really worries me is that in the withdrawl notice from USCIS it says

    "'As a result of your request, your application is considered withdrawn, and it will recieve no further consideration by USCIS. There is no appeal to this decision.'"

    I will keep the forum updated on any developments

    "'As a result of your request" - the fact that you didn't request it negates the basis for their action - so i think you will be fine

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  • ragz4u
    03-16 10:42 AM
    We just received news that the Judiciary Committee hearings which were supposed to run until 1.00 pm today and also tomorrow have been postponed to March 27th. Apparently the deal is that the Judiciary Committee wants to put pressure on Senator Frist so that he does not introduce his version of the bill bypassing the committee...

    Will update as soon as we hear more...

    Not sure if this can be construed as good news or bad news! :(

    The slow pace at which this is unfolding might just lead to depression/suicidal tendencies!!

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  • sanju
    09-09 09:21 PM
    "You salary should be almost the same as the wages mentioned in GC labor certification application or it should not be more than 4% more than what is mentioned in the LC"?

    This is what I got from 4 separate lawyers when I was invoking AC-21. I think everybody should speak to a lawyer before invoking AC-21.

    A lot of people out there think that after getting EAD one can invoke AC-21 to change to any job at any employer. This is not true. AC-21 is pretty complicated and I think that in the future, if there is no change in the law, a lot of 485 applications will be pending for 6-8 years or more. And for the duration of this period, a lot of people will invoke AC-21. I also think that the rate for rejection for number of AC-21 cases at USCIS will be higher. Nobody told me about the approximate wait time and rejection rate. It is just what I think based upon the developing situation.


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  • grupak
    06-12 04:35 PM
    I just finished calling those 6 Reps - o how fun!

    Anyways, so guys - does this Krikorian guy need some education or flowers? Let us provide him with what he needs and get this thing going further.

    Can we call him like we are calling the Reps?

    Lets go through the logic of Mr. Krikorian carefully and use it for our benefit.

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  • mallu
    03-07 08:34 PM


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  • Sakthisagar
    07-29 03:19 PM
    Guys we see a very unhealthy trend here where any disagreement is not tolerated. This forum is for legal skilled immigrants and we sometimes show how unskilled we are when it comes to tolerance of opinion here.

    isantem, while I understand the diversity argument, when it comes to skilled immigration it doesn't really help. The data itself shows that the overwhelming number of skilled immigrants come from India/China. If the objective is to let the most skilled immigrants in, then the US should forget about diversity. Unfortunately in terms of volume and talent combined, India and China handily beat the rest of the world. Even if EB3 goes to 2002 so be it, but at least you are treating all skilled immigrants on a level playing field rather than discriminating them based on where they were born. If the US continues to do this, there is a serious danger (and this has been documented) that skilled folks in India/China will no longer find the US attractive. Its already happening with the economy booming in India. In fact, we'll probably see you or your kids standing in line for an Indian or Chinese green card in a few years (and I doubt India or China will focus on diversity when it comes to attracting the most skilled talent).

    The last line is only a Dream.. I value your opinion, and wish that to happem. as they say Sounds Good, given the situation Political and economic in India and China it will never ever happen. Politically motivated religious fights, killing the political opponent who is having a diferent opinion, no entry for good thinking poeple in all levels in India. So thie last statements in your paragraph is only SOUNDS GOOD! India still is 60 % poor economically. Never Compare The USA with Third world developing countries. Please be Sane ...

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  • Alabaman
    03-21 02:54 PM


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  • NKR
    03-22 08:57 PM

    Since EB2-India is current, I am exploring the possibility of interfiling.

    Goal: Interfile in such a way that my new application under EB2 (New case
    category) get attached with old case (EB3) priority date (07/2003) and
    thus enable me to take advantage of EB2 current PD as declared in
    April 2008 bulletin.
    GC Application/s history:

    Employer: xyz
    Category: EB3-RIR Conversion-India
    Priority Date: 07/2003
    Labor approved
    I-140 approved
    I-140 approval date: 06/2007
    AP and EAD approved
    485 receipt date: 07/1*/2007


    Employer: ZAB
    Category: EB2-India
    Priority Date: 06/2006
    PERM LABOR approved
    I-140 approved
    I-140 approval date:08/2006
    No AP/EAD/485 applied under this application

    Notes: (1) Currently working for company CDE on EAD.
    (2) "A" number on both I-140 are similar and different from "A" number
    on 485 file.
    (3) Occupation codes for both category are "Close" and matches the
    job profile with current employment on EAD

    Question: Is my goal achievable? If yes, then what to do and how to

    Thanks in advance for any help to sort this out.

    - BharatPremi

    Be specific and say that your PD is current, I was wondering when EB2 India become current.

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  • eastindia
    04-22 09:40 AM
    we want it in all 50 states

    Yes sure. Such similar rules should also apply to all temporary workers (non US citizens/non Permanent Residents). How about that?


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  • Brightsider
    08-30 09:35 AM
    Hi Dinesh,

    I am a physician myself who served j1 waiver and on AOS from 7/07. My son is a going to be a senior in High School this year. Why did you have a problem with state college apps on AOS/EAD?


    I had intended to respond to your post, but ended up with a different one. Do take a look at my post, sent a few minutes ago, about college admissions on AOS, and the related tuition issues.
    Best of luck

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  • GC_Wait2002
    07-31 09:58 PM
    Hi Sanbaj,

    You are very helpful and thanks once again for sharing your experiences and knowlege on interfiling.



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  • dish
    01-10 10:27 PM
    We can demand a purple card for any techworker who had worked and paid taxes and contributed to Social Security and medicare for three continuous years. This card should allow free travel and work permit for spouse. Counterpart of blue card for illegals......Once the priority date becomes current and adjustment of status is complete, purple card is replaced by green card !!!!!!!!

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  • GCInThisLife
    07-19 04:45 PM
    I did search this with given phrase.. All the search results I see are directed to university websites.. primarily referring to I-20 validity. May be since universities are a little particular about status issues, informing the rules in advance.

    In my wifes case, the company policy is not include on the payroll until the first project starts and after that they pay even on the bench. And so far no one (primary) was denied GC from her company. We didn't realize the problems earlier.. she was willing to work earlier.. but since all the clients were asking for SS#, they asked her to wait till she gets one. She soon got accepted by a F500 client, but since the director was on vacation, the the project didn't start till early june 06.. I was a little worried, so though my lawyer didn't ask, she asked her employer for an employment letter. We may be able to request additional letters if USCIS issues reasonable RFE from company. Well.. there is no point in discussing my case further except for stress relief..:(.. what ever happens happens.

    LoL. You are such an idi***!

    Rest of the post is not for Mr. Kumar. So Mr Kumar, please ignore the rest of the post.

    Here is another link:
    Immigration Rights and Responsibilities of Scholars in H-1B Status

    Search for no later than 30 days after the I-797 start date

    Before you ask: I don't work/study at Boston University.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • senk1s
    09-30 01:34 PM
    applied jul28
    fp aug 16
    approved aug 20
    cards received on hand aug28

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  • jsb
    02-04 02:52 PM
    I know ROW country may not like this thread, but look at EB-3 India or China, put yourself in our shoes and than you may realize how unfair this country is. In this unprecedented financial turmoil, I feel there are very remote chances for CIR or any package which increase immigration etc would pass, I am taking this initiative to gather as many people I can and go to washington. Again this is not an IV effort. If you are with me , you can spare some time or few days in Washington, please PM me. our sole agenda is bring a 2 line bill to remove country quota...

    Instead of asking for removing, perhaps asking for making it in ratio of country sizes might be more palatable. Note that Nepal has same numeric quota as China. I don't know how you can influence or initiate such changes, though.


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  • lost
    11-11 09:09 AM
    Will it be on Friday?

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  • logiclife
    05-29 04:43 PM
    For those who were waiting for lawyers to confirm our fears that those whose 140 was filed or to be filed after May 21 2007 will be forced to let go of their GC file and use the new points based merit have lawyer's answer.

    And the interpretation of IV core and lawyers is the same. THE INTRODUCTION DATE of the bill is the cut-off date for pending or approved 140s to be allowed under old system.

    Actually their interpretation is that the intro date of bill was May 15th and not May 21 as IV core has stated previously.,0530-endelman.shtm

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  • new2gc
    06-01 11:16 AM
    Voted Aye!

    06-06 02:28 AM
    What reason did you give for declining this promotion? what kind of company is this ? how big ? would your salary increase ?

    Maybe if you answer this, I could think of something..but as of now..if its a good company and you like it..explain to them the nitty gritties about how change in occupation, classification, salary etc would jeopardize your GC process...i can give more suggestions if you want to send me a PM..

    Congrats on the promotion tho..:)

    04-01 11:03 PM
    Sent both fax
    Any update on no. of fax sent. - Just curious.

    I think whey you try to send fax, it says how many faxes are sent so far. After that no info. If anybody is sending the fax, can you just update how many #10 and #11 were sent.