Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • pat123
    10-28 03:40 PM
    hahahaha.. good one.. what a support to Infy... height of slavery. I accept your veiw point as INFY's and YOURS view point. good keep it up.

    The signature Quote of yours give an answer for your view point.

    Read your Katha upanishad quote:

    Wise take the path of joy and Fools take the path of pleasure. I leave it your discretion whom you are!!!:p

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  • mgmanoj
    08-25 05:30 PM
    I have 14 years of education in india and 20 years of experience in IT - if my job requirement says bachelors equivalent + 10 years experience will it qualify me and job as EB2 ?

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  • frankiesaysrelax
    01-14 09:24 PM
    Mailed handwritten letter to prez. Certified with delivery confirmation :D

    Will be mailing a copy to IV tomm (under prepared at the post office :o)

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  • pady
    08-21 09:44 AM
    I guess this is wrong. I did talk to the OIG this morning and was told that this is a fraud and they can investigate the case


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  • vin13
    06-24 05:12 PM
    In the 2006 CIR was passed by Senate and it failed in Congress.

    The strategy was adding poison pill. They deliberately added so many poison pill that
    even EB folks were opposing the bill.

    I respect your opinion. CIR failed in 2006. But if Democrats do bring the CIR up again and it fails again, it doesnot look good upon them either. So the hope is that they will check the feasibility of passing. And, we(EB folks) may have a chance to piggy back with the Undocumented and latino lobby.

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  • psam
    04-22 11:31 PM
    I doubt this law will cause any trouble. For analogy, there are laws around carrying current insurance papers. Once I didnt have my current insurance, since every six months new ones get mailed and I forgot to keep them in the car. I showed the police officer my previous expired insurance and mentioned that the insurance-id is the same. He accepted it and asked me to carry the current copy in future.


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  • rolrblade
    07-19 10:35 AM
    Just so you dont miss this. I also PM'ed you.

    I just checked the Mumbai consulate website (I am assuming your wife is in India) and the earliest available appoitment for H4 is July 27th. Why cant she take that? All you have to do is reschedule.

    There are also appointments for H4 for Aug 3,6,8,10. She shoudl reschedule her appointment.

    Send me a PM if you need help with the appoitment website.

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  • krishna_brc
    05-15 06:00 PM
    What is the situation of India Masters degree who are in EB2.
    Do they qualify to be excluded from the annual quota as per this new law. :confused:


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  • venkygct
    09-04 08:30 PM
    Myself and Abhijit booked the flight in United from OAKLAND airport. As we are going to be in DC on Tuesday morning, this is the pretty decent flight with no-stop...We booked this thru
    Mon, Sep 17, 2007 11:10 PM - OAK to IAD
    Tue, Sep 18, 2007 6:52 PM - IAD to OAK

    The price came ~$280

    Guys what airline could one fly from San Jose? Which one have best connecting times so one can reach and leave at decent time? which airport is close?

    Is there a Motel nearby at the relly start point, what time does the rally end, and what flight have people from CA booked for getting back?


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-12 01:01 PM
    In short they do not want us here.. they want to suck the money out of you, all the money you earned and saved.

    Were you making sure that we are not disappointed? :)

    Thanks for living upto the expectations buddy :D


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  • indianabacklog
    07-13 09:46 PM
    The DREAM act is specific in that it only applies if you can prove you came here and still remain in ILLegal status. I have a son who aged out a year and a half ago. I CANNOT support an act that gives an illegal child of the same age a path to green card that does not provide at least the same for him. If we can get the act amended to include all children who do not have a path to residency and ultimately citizenship that would be OK.

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  • eilsoe
    02-03 07:35 AM
    Aww get off it, I'm not trying to be mean...!

    I just missed the damn file... I'll change it now then...

    EDIT: It's changed now. but FYI, I used THE SAME pic in the poll as the one I just changed it to. So either my IE is ****ed up (BIG surprise :)) or ghosts are haunting this forum...


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  • gk_2000
    07-28 08:08 PM
    I wonder if and why IV missed a chance to push our questions into this forum. Please take a look, from whitehouse website:

    What You Missed: Open for Questions Roundtable on Comprehensive Immigration Reform | The White House (

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  • ArunAntonio
    08-31 07:21 PM
    Lets keep pluggin along and try to think of creative ways to encourage people to come to the rally, In my opinion the most emphasis should be place on recruiting the east coast members to show up for the rally, guys please talk to people and educate them of this effort any one with any sort of clarity of thinking will be able to clearly see that they are the direct benificiaries of this, there are so many people who are putting in so many hours of their personal time to make this a sucess the least other can do is take part in it.
    I believe that persistance pays off .. lets keep moving in the right direction.


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  • GCOP
    07-13 01:56 PM
    Congratulations on Getting the GC. You really deserve it after such a long journey.Thanks for your support to IV and IV Members.

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  • gc28262
    06-10 05:21 PM
    We shouldn't give much significance to what USCIS and DOS officials say. Both of these departments don't have a grasp on what is happening in their respective organizations.

    They are just government officials doing some PR activity for the sake of it.

    I also don't give any significance to the description that DOS provides in visa bulletins ( Due to extreme demand, visa category X is oversubscribed.. blah blah blah ...):mad:


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  • singhsa3
    02-12 12:11 PM
    Unfortunately, this will require change in Law and is not an Admin Fix
    I request everybody to add one line in the letter for Consular processing filers as they should be allowed to get AC21 and EAD facilities now. This law came earlier only for 485 filers because CP process was fast but now due to retrogession all CP filers are waiting for Years and in the worst sitauation as 485 filers are enjoying their freedom with AC21 and EAD

    Immmigration Voice I'll appreciate if you could add this agenda in you campaign letter.


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  • shana04
    02-13 10:14 AM

    Were you on H1 Extension when you transferrred your H1?.


    I was on 5th year

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  • ramus
    07-02 04:15 PM
    Yes, please dont include money for US CIS fees as you will get that money back.

    I spent $500 for medical.
    Lawyer fee and other expenses (fedex etc) (around $2000) - paid by my company.
    plus $1500 is filing fee (which I guess should be refunded).

    02-07 12:06 PM
    in the mail asap

    04-21 02:29 PM

    The minimum educational requirement for the diploma was 10+2. However I did 1st year of BCom out of choice before enrolling in the 3 year diploma. The diploma was for hotel management from a Govt Funded/recognized institute with nationwide entrance tests. DOnt know their acceptance rates but it falls under the umbrella of the Ministry of Tourism.

    I think in the denial letter the officer is accepting that I have an equivalent of a bachelors degree but is still denying it. My attorney thinks that he might be mistaken & might have processed the case as EB2 instead of EB3.


    2+ 3 you are mentioning is where +3 = three year degree program like BSc / BCS/ BCom programs offered in India. Here I think we are discussing 3 year DIPLOMA program the eligiblity for which is 10th grade. After finishing this program in some universities you are waived 1st year coursework for the degree program in same field. So for regular people it is 10+2+4 to get a bachelors where as people taking the diploma route it is 10+3+3. So in this case of our friend his 10+3 is equivalent to completed only 1st year degree program. the +2 overlaps with what he has studied in +3 and the +1 in commerce will not be counted in coursework.

    Anuj: What subject was your diploma was it a management diploma or engineering diploma? What was the eligiblity for the same? Was the institute reputed like does it have an entrance test? If yes do you know their acceptance rate? Might help in preparing a case