Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • kerstbrd
    07-04 05:55 PM
    This sounds like a mastercard sponsored thread

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  • styrum
    12-19 03:30 PM
    that was a very interesting read. Another scary part is that it took USCIS 6 months to revoke teh I-140 from the time it was requested. Meaning when he actually left his employer, if he had called up USCIS to verify the status of his I-140, it would have come up as still-valid.

    Moreover, the decision totally ignores the fact that "The basis for adjustment is not actual (current) employment but prospective employment" and the entire answer to Q10 in Part I of the Aytes Memo od 12/25/05

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  • sunny1000
    11-02 11:19 PM
    If Republicans control the House, they will be too bitter because they can't repeal the Health Care Reform, and will not let CIR pass in 2011. Best hope is 2012 now. Obama could have easily passed CIR in past 2 years, instead he focused all his efforts on health care..

    Dems were no good either...they could have easily worked with Bush to pass it in 2006/2007 but, they screwed it up by going with the points system and the "path to citizenship". Again, in 2008 they had all 3 chambers but, the hispanic caucus held the bill hostage. CIR will never get passed as long as there is that "path to citizenship" provision, in the upcoming congress. So, in reality, there is no or ever.

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  • GCwaitforever
    11-17 09:23 AM
    What is the procedure to file Tax from India?

    1. Designate one of the tax filing companies (HR block etc ...) as your agent by filling a form (check IRS web site) and give it to your. Your company will issue W-2 to this agent. You have to pay filing fee in advance to the tax filing company.

    2. If your company issues W-2 electronically and your banks/financial institutions produce 1099s electronically, you can file the returns from India electronically and direct refund to your bank account.


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  • knacath
    09-04 05:19 PM
    Found out from the Senator's office that my case has been approved. Attorney was able to call and confirm. No change in online status though.

    E-filed on May 5th

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  • GCNirvana007
    03-26 03:43 PM

    Went for DL renewal , nothing asked literally, extended for 6 yrs.

    Got to find some positive out of living :p


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  • whattodo21
    12-15 11:23 AM
    I filed for my ead in late september, got an rfe in mid nov, sent papers but see no change in status. how long does it take with an rfe to get ead? my 90 days are nearing and I am afraid with the holiday season coming, that I might not get in time. I have contacted my congressman, ombudsman's office can't do anything yet. what can be done?

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  • sgupta33
    01-24 03:00 PM


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  • Lisap
    08-22 12:08 PM
    So the attorney sent the package before you were actually current?

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  • mpadapa
    05-15 02:23 PM
    Please work on the following action item. It is very time critical.


    Please call the below selected members from CHC. There are reasons why we should NOT be calling every one in the CHC. The members we have to target from CHC and their corresponding numbers are listed below.

    Tell them that you would like to talk to some one who handles immigration/legal matters, If forwarded to voice mail, leave a VM. If the VM is full, you can get back to the main line by pressing 0 and then leave a message with them.

    The message you have to deliver when calling these offices is

    I would like Representative "Representative Name" to co sponsor bills HR 5882 and HR 5921, sponsored by Zoe Lofgren. Both of these bills have wide bipartisan support in the house and will help reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. These bills are a great first step towards immigration reform.


    Only if the staff member bring up the issue of CIR, in that case say that -

    In the past we have been supporting Comprehensive approach and still continue to support comprehensive approach and we look for our our main issues to be addressed whenever comprehensive bill is passed. However, this is is just an interim fix to begin or start the immigration reform process.


    Raul grijalva
    ph (202) 225-2435

    Charles Gonzalez
    Phone: (202)225-3236

    Dennis Cardoza
    (202) 225-6131

    Jim Costa

    Henry Cuellar
    phone: 202-225-1640

    Ruben Hinojosa
    phone: 202-225-2531

    Ciro Rodriguez
    202 225 4511

    Lucille Roybal-Allard
    202 225 1766

    Hilda Solis
    202 225 5464

    Senator Robert Menendez
    202 224 4744


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-19 08:36 PM
    Guys let's come together on this--everyone has some good points to share, from every angle. As a CP filer myself, I want to say that job stability concerns are very valid for CP filers, who are haunted by last summer's greenlight and today's major retrogression. The landscape has changed for everyone, for both queues. From personal experience of being in the BEC backlog, being too early for PERM and too late for concurrent filing, after 5 years of being in this process and seeing the further backlog ahead, yes I was willing to pick CP (even though I would be giving up my ability to work as the spouse) because it looked like things were finally moving last summer. The option was there for people to choose, and nobody knew the dates would roll back so painfully again. Equally, I also want to point out that IV IS about everyone and these marvellous efforts IV continues to put together and inspiring in all of us, are beneficial to all because the overall goal is to ease the backlog which is holding everyone back. Now that this discussion has happened we are all aware of the new problem that is facing CP filers in severly retrogressed countries. And it is better that this is brought to light as we continue forward. Please everyone, continue supporting the letter campaign and let's be united and discuss these issues with respect for one another.

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  • virginia_desi
    12-14 04:31 AM
    5. This employer is a consulting company...(desi) & they asked me to sign a financial agreement to repay their expenses on labor substitution/I-140/I-485...if I will leave them early. ...Is it legal to ask for such kind of agreement...?

    Please let me know as much as info/ guidance you can provide to me.

    Great thanks in advance for all of your help.


    Asking you to sign an agreement is not illegal. There are employers (even big names) who ask their employees to take care of the expenses for GC processing. The main concern should be to verify if this company practices fraud. The only way to check is either by searching on the web or talking to some other employees who work for this consultant (making sure these employees are also not part of the fraud).
    I am sure you have heard about people like Nick Mandalapa who were filing multiple I-140 for the same labor certification . The sad part is that there is no USCIS online system to verify if a labor certification was used to successfullly file I-140/485.
    And remember that if there is fraud it can haunt you ater in your life even "AFTER" you get your GC. USCIS can revoke your GC at any time if there is a proof that a fraud has occured in the process.
    I hope this helps and best of luck.!


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  • alterego
    11-03 10:46 AM
    This is an extremely childish argument. In all honesty, the rules are the rules, we do not make them and nor do we interpret them. In the past the way the rules were interpreted favored EB3 over EB2I. Last year they said they took another look at the language and interpreted the rules as they should have been all along. At that time, there was much argument within this board and others. Those like me kept saying that EB immigration has always had a skills hierarchy and from the language EB category took precedence over country of origin quotas(which were discriminatory anyway). Others including popular posters like UN and lawyers like Ron Gotcher took the other view. In the end the state Dept. decided with the Eb category precedence and horizontal spillover. Should those that suffered the misinterpretation in 2006/7 ask for reallotment of future flows of visas to redress that injustice? No.
    Likewise, many people got the opportunity to file 485s in the summer fiasco. There were hundreds of thousands of people who had already filed and were waiting for years by then, but the USCIS was being their usual inefficient self and not doing squat with their application. Were they not wronged? What about their total lack of respect for the FIFO policy? How would one of you feel in 2012 if someone who filed in 2012 and with a PD the same as or later than you get approved first?
    These are process issues. There are many flaws in the system. Complaining when it grieves you and smiling when it suits you is not correct.
    You guys need to learn to put the mission ahead of your personal interests. IN the interim, if you are able to migrate to EB2 and are confident in your case to be able to do that, then do so. However complaining on and on, and deligitimizing the whole advocacy effort is not how you get your goals accomplished. The singular best solution for everyone is visa recapture. If there was broad participation by everyone affected, I believe it would have happened already. EB3 v EB2 battles and other fault line battles accomplish nothing. Letters to officials along these divisive lines, while it may pacify your anguish a bit, make the community a laughing stock.

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  • Dhundhun
    01-26 06:42 PM
    This type of clause is to protect employer for one year. Usually, it is not only trainig cost, it is business also.

    You can seek legal protection, complain USCIS and so on. When an employee joins contracts are for 12 months, when you work on niche technology, it will be confidentiality agreement for 2-3 years, and so on. Mostly they are goodwill agreements. If you have problem in signing for this 12 months, how would you be signing technology related agreements?

    I have seen business to business relationship broken due to employee running away from clients location. In the begining, even if formal training is not there, clients do compromize to bring to speed. Most of the consultant placements are business to business chains.

    Do you intend to break before 12 months?

    I have signed for confidentiality contracts up to 5 years, and refused to sign, when wanted not to honour contract, thereby not working for those clients.

    If possible avoid troubles otherwise, you already have several suggestions.


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  • Anna35
    09-19 03:20 PM
    You know that's my point. do you really think we can't do nothing more?.....

    we are highly sklilled smart and great immigrants creating the new America of the 21st century we can't just say, thats it lets wait.....

    This country is about money, and we have the tremendous advantage that elections are coming, lets see the big picture.. why dont we jump to the next level from street protesters to work with one of the candidates or 2 or 3 , if they see money they will push our cause. Lets work on that now...

    So those guys who attended the hearings or met with senators. what was the result? what did they accomplished? did they get the opportunity to participate with the senator or law maker in an action plan? or we just wasted that opportunity asking for autographs? please those guys post your comments.

    I'm no negative just wondering how to measure the success of the rally?

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  • beppenyc
    03-16 03:53 PM
    I did read it, and I really hope that something happen this year. The OC magazine is very focused on Immigration, like the AZ Central.


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  • gc_on_demand
    06-05 09:02 AM

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  • breddy2000
    07-03 08:31 AM
    My Cost so far:

    1. Medical --> 350
    2. Fedex --> 100
    3. Attorney Fees ---> 1000
    4. Photos ---> 65
    5. Copies of Certificates ---> 25
    6. Affidavits from Lawyers from home country --> 50

    Total approximately


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  • mbawa2574
    07-10 08:57 AM
    I think we should go after him. Every time he calls us cheap labor. He opposes employment based green cards as well as H1b. In a sense , he hates Indians.
    He fuels the rumors against our cause. See his video below :-

    Everyone who opposes High Skilled Immigration is his friend. So I don't see any reason to refrain from going after this retarded soul. Expose him, blog against him. Take off his cover and let the world know , what a big communist liar he is.

    02-12 12:34 PM
    I have noticed soft LUD's on all receipts including I140, H1B with all other receipts (485, EAD and AP) for my self and my spouse after using AC21 with H1B transfer.

    Not received FP yet and did not call Service center for it.

    Any clues? or any experienced the same.

    07-10 08:31 AM
    Lou Dobbs does not care about legal high skilled immigrants he no longer refers to H1bs as H1bs but rather as "cheap foreign labor". His wife is Mexican-American but he does not hesistate to attack Mexico and any vulnerable immigrant group, for that, he makes over $6m a year for his rhetoric, he has even gone as far as being linked to hate groups and supremacist organizations. Media matters is an organization that exposes Lou Dobbs' lies, next time Lou Dobbs or Fox (the channel) attacks legal high skilled immigrants and does so using falsehoods, it would not be out of order for IV members to contact Media Matters and set out the truth.

    Media Matters' Lou Dobbs section:

    Here is a recent attack on undocumented "DREAM act" students exposed by Media Matters: