Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • abhidos37
    08-22 05:41 PM
    Mine is EB3 from India. I still hope the next years numbers could be coming out on Oct.

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  • gc_on_demand
    11-04 02:48 PM
    But he doesn't have any voice,,,

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  • willwin
    06-24 04:32 PM
    there is only one action item right now and it is on the forum.
    the update and action needed prior to this was handled by state chapters, however everyone is now up to date with what needs to be done.
    state chapters are voluntary but very effective in initiating grassroots approaches to our problems, they have also proved very effective with focussed actions recently. a state chapter is simply a local community that networks and offers support. so it really has many other advantages than just a question of updates.

    anyway there is no fresh update currently.

    I learned that the full committee meeting was scheduled for June 23rd (yesterday). Was it dropped or rescheduled?? Can you give that piece of information?

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  • satishku_2000
    07-13 07:36 PM
    Taking up the DREAM Act issue will strengthen the IV showing how legals are getting short-changed from every angle on the entire immigration issue.

    It requires a very small change in the DREAM Act as contained in CIR. Just remove the clause that says it will apply to Z visa holders. In any case, Z visa no longer exists since CIR failed. But I am afraid the will replace it by some condition requiring undocumented presence. Remaining conditions apply to legals as well:

    (from the failed CIR)

    � Have maintained continuous physical presence in the U.S. since 1/1/07
    � Was under 30 years of age on date of enactment
    � Was under age 16 at time of initial entry into U.S.
    � Have obtained U.S. high school diploma or GED
    � Have not been absent from the U.S. for more than 365 total days during period of conditional residence (except those absent due to U.S. military service)
    � Have acquired a degree from a U.S. higher ed institution; or completed 2 years in Bachelor�s degree program or higher at such an institution; or have served at least 2 years in the U.S. military
    � Has provided a list of all of the secondary educational institutions he or she has attended in the U.S

    If the push is for amendment to include legal kids , I would be more than happy to support any effort. I can only offer tepid support if it is exclusively for kids of undocumented people. Both kind of kids are here because of their parents' actions.

    Agree with you on the point that any request for amendments to include documented kids should increase the visibility for IV ..


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  • arrarrgee
    07-17 12:11 PM
    I am sorry i donot agree with your point of view

    Just imagine what will happen to the market flooded with EADs. Job market for H1Bs will totally be down. No US companies will hire H1Bs if they get somebody with an EAD. Tonnes of Junior developers and S/W testers will in the market driving the billing rates down even further. It's better to pack up and leave. I have heard from one of the forums here that an estimated 500K people will file this month since all PDs are current. EB-3 mexico + phillipines togther alone will be close to 300K. God help the Job market.

    Also minimum wait time will be 500K/140K ~ 4 yrs before they get to process your GC. Add to that the time for namecheck backlog 2+ yrs. So total 6+ yrs before getting GC........


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  • coolpal
    06-01 12:03 PM
    so does this bill include EB folks or not?
    I assume it does.. or this thread won't be so upbeat ;)


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  • kevinkris
    04-09 01:35 PM 7.xls

    See this complete article.

    So my estimate is there are around
    50 to 60k consulting companies in whole USA.


    I don't think consulting firms are alone to be blamed.

    Lets say there are around 1000 consulting firms it the worst case there may be around 1500 firms which have a capacity to apply 15 H1B each.

    still the number would come around 15000 to 30000 but the big 4 companies in India got 20,000 H1B last year, which means they might have applied around 45000 to 55,000 applications

    my numbers may be bit off but i think Big 4 companies from India are doing more damage then consulting firms in US.

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  • reddysn
    05-29 06:15 PM
    ramus you got good sense of humor man ....I could not stop laughing ..

    After reading this I am not sure if I can ask you send web-fax..


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  • delhirocks
    06-26 09:05 PM

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  • cygent
    09-19 03:11 PM
    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    What, are you 4 yrs. old man? If one works sincerely towards the cause, then he will realize the answer themselves, please try & think about that. Please help us work towards the goal. Nothing happens overnight, hope you are old & experienced enough to realize that or you must be an armchair quarterback. Please listen to "Time" by Pink Floyd & get your priorities straight.


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  • AUG2005GC
    08-22 12:02 AM
    I was able to successfully port my EB3 to EB2 and received my GC last month. I am working for a mid-size American consulting firm. My background is Bachelors in Computers from India and did Masters in Computers from US.

    I filed my EB3 labor in AUG 2005 and got both labor and I140 approved in two months.
    Filed 485 in July 2007 & got EAD/AP.

    Went to my Employer and requested them to either refile my application for EB2 or I will have to resign. Since I was already working as PM, it was easy for my Employer to file for EB2 for PM position.

    Filed EB2 labor in March 2009, Got approved in Jan 2010
    Got EB2 I140 approved in March 2010
    Late March Case transferred to Local Office.
    Personal Interview in May 2010 - IO was not sure why i was called for interview. No Questions asked and told to wait till date gets current.
    Date got current in July.
    - Call multiple times 800 number only standard response
    - Went to local office and request update. IO told to wait for a week. 2 days later on 14th July got my GC approved.

    I believe even if you get your GC 6 months early by porting dates, its worth it. I hope my story helps you.

    Best Luck!

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  • UncleSam
    11-26 03:15 PM
    Hey, give PKAK a break after all dreaming is what brought us all here!

    Keep dreaming buddy, I do that too.


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  • ramus
    07-02 04:03 PM
    at the end please put total..


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  • chanduv23
    08-12 11:27 AM
    Any comments?


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  • ram_nara303
    06-02 02:04 PM

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  • pvganesh
    01-05 02:58 PM
    Hi Sheila Danzig,

    I have an ICWA degree from India. Do you think this can support my 3+2 years education to support a EB2 case.


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  • kumar4875
    04-29 02:18 PM
    WOW --Right from relationship between coutries tot he pros and cons of war planes we are discussing here.We have people with nice political knowledge per se Ministers and Kings who can analyze how just 11 billion (bully)dollar deal can affect the Green card processing and we have Generals and colonels who knows which fghter plane is good for which country.

    But still we are able to manage only around 200 for the advocasy event and large amount of donataions which barely met the expenses. what a pity ;)

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  • Sheila Danzig
    12-12 08:03 AM
    Almost all holders of the CA have a 3 year BCom. We have had, as far as we know, 100% approvals (for only a few cases) showing the CA = US Masters with the proper documentation and a professor's expert opinion letter. However the strong evidence points to the equivalency being a BA.


    From your reply, I get that you got your EB2 approved by equating CA to Masters degree. Can you let me know whether your bachelors degree was 3 years or 4 years?

    Also, could you let me know which month and year your appeal got cleared?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • kumar_77
    05-15 09:41 AM
    This Is Good for every one , as People With Phd's and Masters degrees will be eliminated from 140K Cap ..which will defenetly double the number of green cards for EB3 ......hope this works

    I have 2 MS degrees from US Univs ... 4 years ...and a lot of $$$$$$ spent


    04-22 05:34 PM
    I read through this proposed legislature and there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
    your valid drivers license is clearly mentioned as one of the acceptable proof of legal status. you need to be arrested or there should be obvious reason to suspect ilegal presence for the law official to ask proof of legal status. Why is that of any concern? That is perfectly normal in a legal society. You dont have to walk around with your 797 or 94s all you have to carry is a valid drivers license. Even if you dont have a license you will be given a chance to proove your legal status or inother words the decision is not made on the spot.
    Again for those unfortunate who are here ilegally this law might become an issue. But we might end up seeing inflation as a result of these crack downs. More industry particularly packing/agriculture might migrate oversees. Anyway we will wait and see.

    You say all these because you understand. Most of these police officers out there (and even Immigration Enforcement officers) dont understand the laws they are enforcing. I once asked an american embassy consular officer during an H1B renewal interview how long I had to stay in the US if I get laid off from my job. She smiled and said she doesnt know. Ironic right? That is US Immigration laws for you. So complex yet so unreasonable.

    02-22 09:44 AM
    I recant my earlier outburst at mercies since I realize that he was acting as a messenger to the problem. Sorry for the offense mercies.

    There are many people who would just run away from effort when doubts are raised and since people of afraid of being punished for just advocating a public policy or writing a letter to congress in the first place. I would request you to not reproduce posts here or on portal that would echo the material the plants fear and doubts among members. When the core group is spending 2-3 hours a day on top of their fulltime job plus the weekends, plus out of pocket expenses on travel to DC, its disheartening when a post on forum scares away sceptical members.

    I have already edited my earlier post.
    I appreciate your words. I will be more careful about how to counter negative propaganda either myself or get help from others! This was clumsy and impulsive of me to post this all here, but believe me I have myself learnt so much more in this process!
    Truely, I appreciate how much effort is being put in on the behalf of all of us!

    Mercies there is a bit of a difference in getting ur doubts addressed and ur post. Once again i didnt mean any offence to you in particular, just was upset by the sheer length and attack in ur post.

    eb3_nepa, I was hasty because I was thinking of how negative posts were not being countered. I was more worried about how the silent viewers take in all wrong info! But, now I know where to get help now and who to turn to!
    From what I gathered, you were just being a messenger and if you look at my post, I have never referred to you in anything. All my answers were directed to hadron. At the same time its a little frustrating to us when people repeatedly keep on questioning our goals/legitimacy. Being a messenger, you bore the brunt from some of us

    Hopefully you realize our situation and will keep on volunteering/contributing....
    ragz4u, I understand. I see your frustrations but I think we have to keep working on some people who are just oblivious to all the good work that is being done at IV!
    But, this battle has not even been joined yet - so we have to soldier on patiently!
    Your brilliant posted answers are what I was looking for to start with!
    Please keep up the good work!