Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • vsoni
    03-08 11:57 AM
    My company would like to send me France on business.
    But My H1 visa expired Jan 2006.
    I got H1 approval up 2009 but passport is not stamped.

    My lawyer told me that I can go to Paris (France) and visa stamped.
    I am not sure France consulate will issue me visa to enter France.

    Any comments and any input?

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  • madmonkey
    08-24 07:00 PM
    Have you tried contacting your local congressman or senator's office? Many times, a request to take action on a pending case from a congressman's office has much better effect than a service request or infopass.

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  • raju123
    02-07 11:08 AM
    This is wrong. Indian news papers have wrong call. We discussed this before. It is confusing and misleading as amendment was withdrawn last moment from HR 2


    Just saw this news on Economics Times (Indian Newspaper).


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  • gsc999
    08-14 02:32 PM

    This is a good idea. It will drive new IV membership.



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  • jimytomy
    07-18 10:57 PM
    Hello Friends,
    I think many Indians might have faced this issue.We can spell same Indian name in several ways in English.
    I have one friend who is ready to file I -485.
    He found following issues with Birth certificate. Does USCIS rejects or REF I-485 for following reason ?
    1) His mother�s name spelled differently in his Birth Certificate. (One letter is missing)
    2) His wife's Birth Affidavit has different spelling for Father�s name. (One letter is different)
    3) Is first name enought in Birth Certificate or it needs full name ?

    Keep on good work of helping each other.


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  • waitingonlc
    02-17 03:15 PM
    I have a pending I-485.
    My case was file in jan 02. I have approved labour and I-140. I filed my I-485 in Jun 2005 and have an EAD and parole. How do I find when can I file my spouse's case.
    visit http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_2805.html and look under emploment category


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  • jasmin45
    07-12 10:27 AM
    This is a good one! please digg this one for archive.

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  • deepakd
    07-10 07:59 PM

    Just wondering about my options of getting a job in Canada and getting my permanent residency after that

    I know this route:
    Apply for permanent residency and then go and find a job

    But what about this:
    Find a job and go there on some kind of visa and then apply for PR


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  • ndk221
    12-04 07:30 PM
    I got my first H1-B approval in 2008. I am originally from Mumbai and I have always got my previous visa stamps from the Mumbai consulate.

    I paid my visa fees at an HDFC branch in Mumbai in the hope of getting an interview appointment in Mumbai this month. I am flying to India next week and I still do not see any open dates in Mumbai for the month of December. For some reason the VFS webpage displays open dates only at Chennai and Calcutta.

    So the question... is it possible for me to visit the consulate in Chennai to get a visa stamp? Do I have to explain why I chose to come to Chennai instead of applying in Mumbai? Are there any other problems for people who choose a different consular district?

    A quick survey on the US Consulate General - Chennai website only mentions to select the *most convenient* consular office. Right now I have at least one perfectly valid reason on why I should be granted an interview in Chennai.

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  • kalyan
    06-15 08:49 AM
    Good thing is after 6 months of EAD ,change the jobs. So the new additional income added to your pot can be used to pay INS if there are any annual renewals till you get the GC.

    INS will have atleast 200-300K 485 Applicaitons from Indians and equivalent from chinese, Mexico by July 31'st.

    So INS will have a good beer party with Billions of Dollars and fixed royalty income from renewals from the potbellys of Indians, chinese,mexicans. This is a ballgame in no mans land.

    Some one in INS did a good math to have good money. With these money, if the new bill et al is passed, can be used to build next gen systems.

    Good Luck to everybody including me. I am also in the same race to get GC but i am far distant.


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  • a2k2
    06-15 03:43 PM
    Yes I did send a copy of I-485. I also sent a copy of her previous approved AP.

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  • Tushita
    01-03 03:23 PM

    I-765 and I-512L were issued months ago but there is no news yet for I-140 and I-485s yet for the ones applied in June 30, 07. Any idea?? Would be a great help.



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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-11 10:20 PM
    To all IV members and the core team:

    Thanks a bunch for mobilizing members to get their voices heard - first at the historic San Jose rally of high-skilled legal immigrants, and now with this monumental effort in DC on September 18th.

    Thanks to all your efforts (myself included), we were able to file for Adjustment of Status (AOS), EAD and AP in July, and had the extension till August 17th to file it for those of us who couldn't do it sooner.

    Thanks also to the lawmaker(s), and others who voiced their opinions and drew attention to the plight of highly educated, skilled, tax-paying, brilliant, and entrepreneurial folks, waiting for their GCs for as long as a decade.

    We finally received our EADs yesterday, and our APs have been approved (awaiting notices).

    The road from here to finally becoming permanent residents and perhaps eventually citizens of this great country (for those of us who wish to) is a long, winding one, full of tricky situations, significant risks, and the inevitable delays by the agencies concerned.

    We all need to collectively make our voices heard, tell the lawmakers, the media, and the world about our lives that we continue living in limbo, and will be forced to do so for a long long time if we don't act.



    (San Jose rally pictures and videos, and Aman's messages from Milpitas, CA meeting can be found at http://morejazzbythebay.wordpress.com)


    I urge all affected and still on the sidelines to participate in every way that they can to make this organization and its efforts successful.

    cheers, and see ya'll in DC!

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  • uvs
    09-24 12:24 PM


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  • apnair2002
    01-20 10:40 AM
    check shusterman.com

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  • mpgc
    05-18 10:26 AM

    Two weeks ago I received an RFE for my E-Filed I-131 Advance Parole.
    They requested two passport-style Photos but didn't mention where to send the RFE response.
    However, on the top right-corner (next to the US Dept. Homeland security Logo) on the RFE page, there is an address (P.O Box 852381 Mesquite, Texas 75185-2381).

    Underneath of the Director signature it has Officer # 159.

    I'm really confused
    1. Which address to send the RFE response?
    2. Attention to what??? (Should I put Attn: to this officer # 159)

    Please guide me ASAP...


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  • amitga
    02-22 04:06 PM
    If you had an approved H1B last, that means that you already are on H1B status as of Oct 01 2006. You can continue to work in US on H1B and get it transfered also. Only when you go out of country then you will have to get new H1B stamped. I also had L1 to H1 change.

    The visa officer will surely ask you that "why did you change your status from L1 to H1" So be prepared with a good answer for that.

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  • Eden
    03-15 12:49 PM
    My mother-in-law would like to get visitor visa.

    How do I answer #37 of the DS-156?

    The applicant's (my mother-in-law) son( my husband) is in the U.S. illegally. I am US cit. and my husband needs to report to visa interview within the next year. We have been post-poning due to medical issues. In the meanwhile we hope my mother-in-law can come here to visit her granddaughter.( I am unable to travel). #37 of the DS-156 asks if any body is in US. We should answer YES, because her son is here, BUT, what do we put for his status? Illegal? I read one article that stated to mark YES only if he has legal status. I do not want to put NO, immigration already knows he is here and we do not want to be dishonest.

    Any ideas?

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  • pointlesswait
    04-08 01:25 AM
    My second 140 may be approved by this month end.. Neb-Nov. 08-filing... i am hoping i will be able to port my PD..to 12-05

    Now..in case i lose my job... and since i am in my 9th yr-h1..which expires may-2010..

    suppose ..i cant find a job ...and if i have to leave US.....(but my employer agrees not to cancel my 140)
    a.) what should i do to retain my GC process?
    b.) How do i switch to CP processing....

    Thanks in advance..

    07-21 12:25 AM
    It hasn't terminated the program but it has stopped accepting applications from Software Professionals unless you are at the Manager level.

    10-24 02:33 PM
    The RFE was for biographic information of the passport (basically a photo identity matching the name). It appears that my lawyer may have missed sending separate copies of it for each application (485/765/131). Anyway I sent color copies of the passport pages as well as driver license. The status for the application changed to "Response to request for evidence received on 10/09/2007 and processing resumed".

    As far as your FP notices, I have read that others have been able to get the notices after calling the Service Center customer service. You might want to consider that.


    can u share pl.