Sunday, June 26, 2011

avril lavigne died

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  • GCAmigo
    07-13 04:19 PM
    DREAM is only for Illegals!

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  • Libra
    07-10 09:30 AM
    I saw this many times, he call some indian guy for interview on h1b's and out sourcing then he ask questions and then he olny answer to those questions and he never give that person a chance to explain, and he says thank you for being here we got something more imp need to cover that is Paris Hilton got out of jail partying again............b****d

    I think we should go after him. Every time he calls us cheap labor. He opposes employment based green cards as well as H1b. In a sense , he hates Indians.
    He fuels the rumors against our cause. See his video below :-

    Everyone who opposes High Skilled Immigration is his friend. So I don't see any reason to refrain from going after this retarded soul. Expose him, blog against him. Take off his cover and let the world know , what a big communist liar he is.

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  • waiting_4_gc
    08-28 02:56 PM
    Even I'm flying from San Jose airport on Monday evening.My flight is at 6:30 pm (AA airlines). Can you tell me about your flight schedule?

    Me and my my spouse are attending DC rally flying from San Jose.We did even attend San Jose rally.

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  • ilwaiting
    12-12 02:18 PM
    hehe check this out. New EB category. With PD Sep'06.

    Iraqi & Afghani Translators.

    Very Funny.


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  • abhijitp
    01-13 05:18 PM

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  • punjabi
    08-28 04:15 PM
    hey guys...

    I read this amazing thread and I am feeling terrible guilty of not going to DC for Rally. I thought contributing $100 was enough.


    Guys: If IV wins and we are able to change the law.....and then someone comes across you and ask:

    "Did You help?"

    What will be your reaction? Will you pump your chest out and scream "YESSSS..."?

    I know, I will. How about you?


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  • mbawa2574
    07-02 03:40 PM
    3000 K in Attorney fees
    500 in medical
    500 in Msc like courier etc .

    Total 4G's

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  • amit79
    04-10 03:27 PM
    I know there are some of good <desi> consulting companies..

    In your dreams ?


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  • tinku01
    02-12 12:09 PM
    Sometimes in your life you make bad decisions. It happened unfortunately, because my PD is June 2004 EB2 and when dates became current last year, I thought it needs to move just 3 months to have my date current and as per DOS release there were only 3400 visas in EB2 for 2004.
    Unluckily I chose for CP instead of 485 and now lying in a dark well.

    Anyway please don't sympathize, I'll certainly come out of this situation very soon.

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  • Almond
    07-17 10:50 AM
    Will you please tell me what date the I 765 "Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)]" they're on? Thanks

    OK, anyone who can help me here? I am still getting June.


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  • aachoo
    02-20 07:00 PM
    Employment letter with salary, did your status change?

    nope. I am still waiting for the RFE.

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  • arnet
    06-26 02:18 PM
    Congrats to all those who got GC approved.

    Guys, please post your priority date and EB category, I-485 date, service center when you post it. helps to predict. thanks.


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  • rajakannan
    06-27 08:41 AM
    Dude, From your previous posts looks like you have already filed and got your receipt notice.

    Well, this is not a good idea ... and obviously every one is as anxious as others to get their papers filed on time. This does not make sense at all. I read your posting history and notice your posts with GC approval and also about receipt notice for spouse.

    What is goin on with you ?

    you should probably correct ur sentence "... and obviously every one is as anxious as others to get their papers (fedexed) filed on time, fedexing it will not alone guarantee your filing.

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  • hiralal
    11-04 03:44 AM
    Changing to vertical spillover will NOT help EB3 India or China. EB3 ROW is not current and it will suck up all overflow leaving EB2I, EB2C, EB3I and EB3C to their annual quota only. USCIS changing the process to horizontal spillover is the best thing that has happened to I and C community in the absence of immigration reform. Now there is at least some hope for EB3 folks to get a new job and apply in EB2, as at least that queue is faster. If we fight among ourselves and stop vertical spillover, it will only benefit EB3ROW as they will get all overflow from EB1 and EB2ROW. Please guys, let's not fight.
    you are from eb2 - I wonder what your opinion would have been if you were from eb3 - India ??? my feeling and hope is that they will start giving more spillover visas to eb3 categories - the reason being that they don't want too much gap between employment categories
    (eb2I date in 2007 while eb3 is still in 2001 does not look good)


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  • lc4gc
    04-03 08:32 AM
    thank you IV, solute to all of you!!!

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  • chanduv23
    08-14 05:21 AM


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  • eb3_nepa
    06-28 10:34 AM
    Atleast let's all unite now and file properly ! It seems more imminent that uscis will stop accepting applications. Just rushing and filing will not solve the problem, Read below ,


    06/27/2007: SPECIAL ALERT: I-485 Cap for FY 2007 Can Be Exhausted Before End of July? Then What Will Happen?

    According to the AILA, approximately 40,000 visas remain in all employment-based categories, other than EW, for FY2007, according to its sources, and that the USCIS has far more than 40,000 adjustment applications in the backlog queue that are ready for approval, not to mention the additional numbers which will be consumed in concular immigrant visa processing. It is thus possible that the cap may reach within a short period in July, even though no one can predict it until after July 2, 2007. The USCIS at this time does not have any policy announced with reference to July 2007 I-485 filings which are filed after certain date in July when the total number is exhausted. However, considering the fact that the USCIS currently rejects the "Other Worker" category I-485 applications even though June 2007 Visa Bulletin show current for certain applicants because the "other worker" category quota was exhausted on June 5, 2007. This raises a serious concern because as we reported earlier today, the USCIS appears to be picking up the speed of processing of backlog I-485 applications in anticipation of flood of July 485 applications. The USCIS hands may be tied, should the EB visa numbers for FY 2007 is exhausted before the end of July.
    The situation is particularly critical because of the USCIS decision not to accept the I-485 filings without the medical report. AILA demanded leniency but the USCIS reportely refused to accept such demand. Since medical report is "initial evidence" to I-485 filing, under the recent rule change, any I-485 filing with the medical report can be rejected or denied. Reports indicate that there are a huge backlog in scheduling medical examination in most of the areas in the country.

    EVEN MORE REASON to rush and file before the USCIS stops accepting applications.

    rajakannan, you seem to be talking out of ur hat.

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  • harsh
    12-30 12:56 PM
    USCIS will not look into your tax records for H1b approval. They might ask you for your previous H1b approval notices and or pay stubs but thats all. However when you go to the embassy for the stamping they might ask for tax returns.

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  • rdehar
    07-17 10:55 AM
    Almond: what browser are you using ?

    07-17 10:33 AM

    You need to either change your browser settings or delete your cache and restart the browser to be able to see the updates.


    02-04 04:18 PM
    whoops, eh, valor? :P