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  • jonty_11
    07-06 02:13 PM
    this is an unprecedented development..GO IV GO>>> Kick butt

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  • gsc999
    05-22 03:51 PM
    Lol, Agree with this. We need to include this amendment in the agenda :D
    We have been model "future citizens" by paying all our taxes, abiding by civic laws and meticulously making sure that we never get out of our precarious H-1 B visa status. This is how we are rewarded. This isn't a "grand bargain" it is not even an "amnesty" as many anti-immigrants are labeling it, this is worse, it is a "travesty." Bravo US Senate, you just proved that playing by the rules is such an unAmerican trait. We learn that from your grand bargain. Better late than never. We know now what to do.

    On a different note. We could request these senators to introduce an amendment that will create a new category of visa called "H-2-Z" visa for people who give up on getting a green card based on employment based system but may find it easier to refile under Z visa category by becoming illegals.

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  • abhijitp
    01-14 01:36 PM

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  • hemya
    08-11 04:10 PM
    I am currently on H1B visa and I want to switch the company. New company is not willing to do H1B transfer and want me to work on EAD. I have pending I485 EB3 ROW with priority date of March 2006. Its been more than 180 days that I filed for I485 so I can use AC21 with EAD.
    But my question is how risky will it be if I switch job at this stage with EAD?

    Thanks in advance,

    advisable to use AC21 only if I-140 is approved


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  • gsc999
    09-08 12:50 AM
    Guys and Gals flying out of Northern California, please pm me. I need some of your luggage space. Nothing sensitive just banners etc. We can meet up near your place and I can hand-over the stuff to you

    Also, don't forget to pack a formal suit for the lobby day. We will need it for sure.


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  • EAD
    11-13 10:48 AM
    Hi, I got the email today that my AP has approved and they have mailed the document.

    Few things i did to expedite so that I don't have to cancel my tickets and thanksgiving plans.

    5 Days before the end of 90 days. I called NSC and requested to expedite the process in financial loss category. They told me that I'll get some information with in 5 days. I got letter in mail that they are working on it. Regular receipt letter nothing much information

    2) Exactly after 90 days of filing my application (Nov 4th) I took an infopass appointment to talk to the officer. She told me that we cannot expedite as this is not a medical emergency or any other kind of emergency. I told her that i have already got my tickets and i made the plans after normal processing times of 90 days. She said she cannot do anything except sending an email to USCIS about my case. She also said if you have any family medical emergency we can issue a AP here but as I don't have one we cannot do anything.

    3) Same day I sent a cover letter with DHS Form 7001 to CIS Ombudsman explaining my situation including copy of financial loss documents (tickets and all.)

    After around 9 days I got a email today that its approved. I had lost hope and was planning to cancel my tickets coming Monday.

    I am not sure whats the reason it got approved. May be its just over 90 days and it was supposed to get approved or its because of CIS Ombudsman.

    I am glad that now I can travel as planned next week and don't have to cancel my tickets provided I'll get the document in hand early next week.


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  • helmet
    02-13 08:12 PM
    I saw lud chnage on my 485 on 2/5/09. How long the finger prints are valid?
    Is any one's LUD changed recently?

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  • bajrangbali
    06-10 04:30 PM
    You are free to go back to your home land if you feel like you are not welcomed here.

    This is a sensitive issue and people have their own beliefs depending on their levels of exposure and experience.

    Those who have been here since 1995 or before, most feel the growing frustration among a few(or shud I say most) groups of society against the south-asian community. You can attribute it to sep11, job losses or any other events..but the bottom-line is there is a difference..

    those who havent seen the past can not see any difference...and argue all is green...well that is good also...ignorance is a bliss

    That said, all know when to go back to homeland and do not need anyone's advise in that. Life is a trade-off, you take some and you give some...I guess most immigrants from India will say they feel more empowered, more homely, more natural in India than here..

    Professional life takes us to many your life wherever you are.


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  • chanduv23
    10-10 12:30 PM
    Once the dollar touches that low, expect huge salary cuts across the board for the employess of these companies.

    I wish they invested in R and D and innovation and products instead of services. Service industry is mainly governed by dealing with cost efficient labor. These companies reach out to IITs IIMs get the best and brightest and dump them into the service sector and start earning on them.

    If they changed their business modal and started investing in products and Rand D, it may not give them quick money, but the results will be beneficial on the long run.

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  • bfadlia
    02-27 04:53 PM
    It's really strange the surge in non-legal issues threads..
    If the poster had any genuine hope of getting help she wouldn�t be posting it on a forum for foreigners who obviously have no lobbying power and if we did we will be using it for ourselves first.
    Somebody is trying to establish an association between us and drug and other law breaking criminals..
    Time to put these red dots to a good use.. Get�er boys :)


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  • Bpositive
    05-09 11:24 PM
    Now that you have green cards, you may have considered/thought about reentry permits.

    Can you get multiple reentry permits i.e one 2 permit followed by a second 1 or 2 year permit?

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  • bestin
    05-15 10:30 PM
    Were you witness to what happened in his home on that day?? If not, don't be judgemental....leave that to him and his wife and to family court. IV is not for "every good cause"...we are having very difficult time ourself...

    Looks like you already received GC and you have great & lot of time to get into other issue.

    Munna Bhai ,I am at your side too.

    BTB snathans story was good.But the issue of divorse wont have cropped up if his wife (or himself) have behaved that way earlier in your story.

    I think a good % of us need file divorse to rejenuate our married life as per his story. :D:D...kidding . Next action plan.


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  • shreekhand
    04-14 08:14 PM
    Now, it is certainly ridiculous for you and your spouse to renew your drivers license's every 6 months...

    That said, it is not a wild assumption that a decision on a I-485 application cannot be made in 6 months, all of those who are not retrogressed get it in that time frame...

    Further, since the DMV actually checks the status with USCIS... (in most states) why would they care what the document says ?

    I just got back from a lengthy fight with my local and state DMV offices to convince them I'm legal to continue having a drivers license. I'm EB, in the adjustment of status stage since July 2007. DMV asked me recently for proof for status check. I took the pending I-485 receipt and while they told me it is an acceptable proof, they said they have a rule that if the document has no expiration date, they can only give you a driver license with validity 6 months beyond the receipt date of your document (with the wild assumption that any I-485 application is approved or denied within 6 months)
    I have nothing against local government and their agencies enforcing immigration, but if you won't give your staff the necessary training to comprehend what legal immigration status is then it will be a disaster

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  • EBX-Man
    05-12 11:33 AM

    Reality is DREAM act is directly connected to HISPANIC votes for Democrats, EB community doesnt have any VOTING rights, neither they get any support from the folks who are already GC/UScitizenship holders.

    Once people are out of this GC mess, they all start talking about anti immigration and that's the reality, u go to any indian community around and see how much support you have from those folks who have GC/US citizenship.

    Hispanic community has unity. EB Community has factured groups, each intenet on their narrow goals and aspirations. There is no use commenting on and comparing Hispanic comunity with legal community. Every illegal fights for all the illegals where as every EB immigrant fights for himself and by extension his/her group be it preference category or country category


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  • gg_ny
    09-08 07:41 PM
    I know after we file the i-485 for 180 days, we can change our jobs. But rule is that the new job should be in the same field as the old one.

    Can i change my job from a biological researcher to a biostatistician? My current job is in the field of biology, which involves lots of experiments. If I change my job to a biostatistician, which is like a programmer, do i still qualify the "similar filed" rule? thanks for your help!

    biostatistician job position can involve analysis of biological data. That qualifies you still as a biological researcher. Biological researcher is a very very very broad term working from bacteria to human genetic diseases; deep sea fish to suspected life forms in asteroids and space debri (astrobiology). It is basically a straightforward description of what you are going to do as a biostatistician and justification of how this will still qualify you as a biological researcher. That makes it very much job specific: if you are going to use statistical methods to analyze GE's cat scanner machine performace it would not be biological research, but if you are going to use some statistical methods in analyzing cat scanned body images and tie your analysis to clinical conditions it would. If you could post both your current job description in your gc application and the prospective biostatistican job description as you see, I can try to help you.

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  • sjkumar
    05-01 11:10 AM
    Defence deals , trade , outsourcing and immigration have always been very closely related all these years . The main reason that Obama was in India was to sell American wares and the No 1 list of his agenda was the $10.1 Billion MMRCA deal apart from future contracts on India's Nuclear Power generation program.

    India on the other hand too has always lobbied the US on H1Bs and overall outsourcing issue and the deliberate maligning of Indian outsourcing companies was responded to with a warning by India that the US will be seriously disadvantaged in its other trade with India should US politicians continue to target Indian IT companies and IT engineers particularly.

    This was clear in the Doha talks starting in 2007 and later years in where India chose to bring specifically the H1-B visa issue always , although the Doha talks might not have been the right forum to bring such issues. ( see link below )

    India Links Visa Flap with Doha Talks (

    "The country's Commerce & Industry Minister says stories of work visa abuse by outsourcing companies could hurt chances for a global trade deal "

    So the carrot of "Global trade" with India was being used very effectively so far by India to lobby for getting other concessions in the outsourcing industry and I am not sure how much this is going to be possible now .

    In reality the level of Indo US relations has reached has never been so low in recent times and the below articles aptly details out the causes and the sentiment.

    Nothing positive in Indo-US ties since nuclear deal - Times Of India (

    "Its unclear whether he(Obama) will listen to his advisers to pay India back for its decision(MMRCA)."

    Outsourcing.. Immigration ...Trading.. India Opening couple of more sector for MNC to invest all are related.. Shortly we will hear news about India Opening Retail or some other sector for MNCs to invest or open shop.. Remember one of India's biggest Export is Skilled Man power .. be it IT engineers,Nurses,Plumbers etc...


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  • smuggymba
    05-11 11:12 AM
    WASHINGTON � Democrats are trying once again to advance legislation that would give some young illegal immigrants a chance to live legally in the U.S.

    Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois plans to file a new DREAM Act bill on Wednesday. In the House, Rep. Howard Berman of California plans to file similar legislation.

    Generally, to qualify the young immigrants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent and have spent two years in college or the military. They must have been under 16 when they arrived in the U.S.

    At least one Republican, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, is co-sponsoring the House bill.

    The bill filings would follow a speech Tuesday in Texas on immigration by President Barack Obama.

    Read more: Democrats to try again on DREAM Act - (

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  • qplearn
    12-20 11:23 AM
    Was this is a change in the procedures of USCIS? If yes, could we not request them to increase the length of the EAD from 1 to 5 years? This will help many of us too. I need to get my DL renewed every year along with the EAD.

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  • Ram_C
    11-09 05:16 PM
    received FP notice for my wife today, I hope my FP notice will follow soon :)

    RD:23rd July 07
    ND:17th Sep 07

    NSC-CSC-NSC transfer case
    received Transfer notice for my wife, haven't received mine so far.

    10-02 01:51 PM
    No FP notices. Spoke with the lawyer today morning and he mentioned that as the FPs are elgible for 15 months, they issue the FP when they "think" that they shall be able to finish the case in that 15 month time period.

    My EADs say FP not available, but I believe that it is not a big concern.

    Now that my EB3 PD is Sept 2001, I am hoping to get the FPs sooner rather than later.

    As for I-485 Reciept Notice's receipt date, will check with lawyer again and update you folks on that.

    just curious

    11-30 12:01 PM
    It does not matter who will get credit for this. It would not happen without people taking action - IV members or those who took the USCIS to court (BTW, 90% of those did it without attorneys). Nothing happens if you do not do anything!

    Hi Lazycis,
    We have been hearing this from different sources for while now. When do you think this will come true?Hopefully it happens before the judge dismiss my WOM:)