Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • s_kary
    05-12 02:04 AM

    I have a PERM approval in EB2 with PD Sept 2005, and I140 approval few days back. I will be entering my sixth year in H1 shortly, wanted an advice whether to go for 3 year extension or 1 year extension, are there any demerits of 3 year extension with respect to H1 transfer in case of layoff, etc?

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  • coolyaar
    01-12 08:29 PM

    I want to go for a H1B stamping in Canada. I am a PR of Canada.

    I have been working with this employer since sep-06. I was on vacation from 13-Jan-07 to 13-Feb-07 in this period i was not paid as i was on personal leave. After coming from vacation I got a project on 05-Mar-07. So I did'nt have any pay stubs between 13-Jan-07 and 04-Mar-07. I was on project till 25-May-07. I was looking for a project for a while and i got a new offer from an employer in canada so i moved to canada on 15-Jul-07. So I never had any paystubs between 26-May-07 and 15-Jul-07. Now i want to go for a H1B stamping in canada.
    I have got all other H1B Visa stamping related documnets except the paystubs between (13-Jan-07 and 04-Mar-07 )
    and (26-May-07 and 15-Jul-07)

    My questions are.

    1) Can I go for H1-B Stamping?

    2) Is it compulsory to have paystubs?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • garybanz
    08-27 03:18 PM
    hi my wife had filed 485 on aug 2nd, we got the receipts aug 23rd monday.

    Hope this helps...

    We filed at TSC.

    Also I got my GC approved today, i had filed 485 during july fiasco.

    Thanks gcNOLONGERdreamer05

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  • maddipati1
    08-17 03:22 AM
    TSC is down and they are using a new system named "CHIMP" to enhance the operations.


    good one


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  • what_now
    08-23 01:06 PM
    my wife also got her 3rd FP notice. My self never did after first time. Its not big deal.

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  • JunRN
    09-18 12:33 AM


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    07-09 06:51 PM
    Hello everybody,
    First of all I must appologize because I mentioned this in the forum before but that was a different question that I asked.

    My wife's Labor lists a 4 year degree with a BS in Mechanical Engineering as a requirement.
    We filed I-140 with her old H1B evaluation which says she has a 4 year degree in Civil Engineering (stupid me :mad: ).
    I found another evaluator who looked closely and gave us an evaluation for BS in Mechanical Engineering because her degree is way closer to the Mechanical than it is to the Civil Eng.

    Will USCIS reject this I-140 on the spot based on the fact that she doesn't meet the requirements or issue an RFE ? If they issue an RFE and we send the Mechanical Eng. evaluation, will the fact that we filed first with the Civil Eng evaluation cause any problems ? Are we assuming the worst and is not such a big deal ??

    She worked on H1B for 7 years as a Mech Eng and this is NOT a labour substitution.

    Thanks for any help !


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  • h1-b forever
    08-31 09:43 AM
    In this economy it is hard to get the employer to file for us again.........:(


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  • md2003
    04-11 02:25 PM
    As long as previous employer not revoked/Cancel your i-140 you are safe. You can port your priority date.

    But i don't see any body who ported PD even if prior employer cancel or revoke.

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  • vvicky72
    08-07 11:26 AM
    An RFE got generated on my wife's 485 application. Our company lawyer filed our 485 applications. Does anyone know who gets the RFE notice? Will it be the lawyers office or us?


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 07:00 AM
    Immigration Law from Houston Immigration Lawyer - Annie Banerjee Has Just Posted the Following:

    In a letter to Senator Grassley, the CIS defended their H-1B adjudication practices and their everything under the kitchen sink Request for Evidences.

    The CIS is looking into revising the form I-129 to have Petitioner and beneficiary both attest that:

    The beneficiary has been advised of the offsite placement and accepts the terms of the H-IB employment, including the job location and possible relocation;

    Really? Does anyone working for the software industry not know that they have to work off site. These people are always traveling, the beneficiary KNOWS they have to work off site. Same with Oil Company Engineers. Its the nature of their work. Does CIS seriously think the beneficiary does not know?

    2. Placement of the beneficiary offsite during the period of employment will be in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the H-IB nonimmigrant classification;
    3. The beneficiary will be paid the prevailing rate of pay at any offsite
    location; and,

    This is in line with the question on the I-94 application on the plane, "Are you a terrorist." Has anyone ever answered yes to that question? Similarly, will anyone filing an H-1B petition ever say they will not comply with the law?

    4. The work itinerary is attached.

    The H-1B is given for 3 years. It is difficult to predict the itinerary for all those 3 years. If the work itinerary is for less than 3 years, then the employer has to file the whole H-1B again, with the high fees. And even if they have the work itinerary, the job may be canceled, etc. So what is the point of private employers filing job itineraries with the Government?

    All of this simply penalizes the small employers who form the backbone of the American economy.

    Contact Houston Immigration Lawyer (, Annie Banerjee for more details

    More... (

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    07-03 07:21 PM
    here is one more

    The date on that seems to be June 27 when they killed the bill...



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  • UKannan
    02-11 08:59 AM

    Thank you so much for all of your help

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  • mmandal
    06-11 11:38 AM

    Can someone please let me know whether it is possible / advisable to travel while H1 approval is pending?

    She is currently in H4 with a valid stamp in her passport. She filed for her H1 and was selected in lottery. She has a receipt but her approval is pending.

    We were interested in making a short trip to India before Oct 1. But the consulting firm advised against it as according to them if she re-enters in H4 (even before Oct 1) while her H1 approval is pending, her H1 application will be cancelled and she has to restart the process all over again. Something to do with the last status on re-entry.

    My thoughts are: The change of status will be effective Oct 1, 2008, why would it matter if I travel prior to that date?

    A lot of you may have experienced the same dilemma, so please let me know...



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  • manojp4
    10-12 01:52 AM
    Found this while searching the website of the Senate Judiciary committee. Even though it is more than a month old, the references to SKIL bill in the hearing offers a glimmer of hope to us..As I understand the SKIL bill has been referred to the same committee for several months now.

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  • rjgleason
    July 1st, 2004, 06:30 AM
    Welcome to Dphoto...........Yor shot is stunning, so lets see more of your work!


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  • eastindia
    11-12 09:53 AM
    Is Dream act more important than fixing the economy in lame duck session?

    No wonder Democrats lost the elections.

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  • gcwait2007
    02-29 01:34 PM
    1. Including Advertisement, web advertisements, etc, it should take about 3 months for filing PERM

    2. Chicago Center is faster.

    3. No issues for 2 companies filing PERM LCs for you.

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  • garyn
    04-22 01:32 AM
    Can universities hire someone on H1B which comes under quota?
    Is this H1B transfer, like a regular H1B transfer?
    How long does it take to get a receipt?

    04-30 04:36 PM
    that is sweet!! perhaps the monetary symbol can go on a corner?

    anyhow, nice color scheme

    04-07 12:03 PM
    Are there any risk factors involved in changging the job by invoking AC21 ??