Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • User00
    09-18 11:57 AM
    NDTV Link (http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/story.aspx?id=NEWEN20070025734&ch=9/11/2007%205:05:00%20PM)

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  • machita
    09-29 05:57 PM
    I am getting ready to n-470 to preserve residency. My company is sending me to UAE for one week period which will leads to other long back and forth trips there. I need to file n-470 to preserve residency for naturalization. I have already lived here for more than one year as a permanent resident. My questions are:

    1. Where do I find a sample communication letter as a support document?
    2. What do I write in it?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • eb3retro
    07-18 10:37 PM
    this is just me, i would not go anywhere other than fidelity or vanguard..research more in the internet.

    i am switching employers and i have about 10k in my 401k with current employer. my next employer does not have the option to start 401k until after one year of service.i am looking for options to rollover my 401k to a IRA in a company. does anyone have any recommendations?thanks in advance

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  • guyfromsg
    07-19 08:01 AM
    I have already sent my 485 application
    1-140 cleared

    In the field I94# and expiration I entered I 94 number which is on the white card on the passport and it is the same as the number on my renewed h1 papers.However I entered expiry date from the i94 on the passport,which is oct06 instead of the 010 date in the renewal.

    will that be a problem..? CAN I CORRECT IT AFTER I get the reciept no or will thay be able to verify with the latest h1 paper that i94 is valid

    The I94 number is in the database. When I94 was extended that information is entered in the database as well.


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  • vicky123
    04-15 02:41 PM
    I am a resident physician on h1b visa which is expiring on 6-30-2010 . I am in process of applying for H1B extension for my fellowship. My wife is on H4 visa (expiring in 3-20-2013 since she got 5 yr multiple visa). Recently she visited Kuwait and on her re-entry she was given entry (on her I94) up to 3-15-2013 (up to 5 days prior to her visa expiration). Will she also need extension in this case along with my extension or can she stay in US till 2013 with out extension Thanks.

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  • skothuru
    11-11 06:42 PM
    We are in the same situation, filed 485 on July 8th at NSC & EAD/AP on August 12th using 485 proof of delivery. Received receipt notices, FP done, 485 transferred to TSC, but haven't received EAD/AP. Planning to take Infopass appointment.


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  • wandmaker
    11-01 01:56 PM
    At the time of filing my application I just used one address.

    Somehow I didn't know you could use Permanent address and current address.

    You have used "one" address in I485, the same should be reflected in G325 - Consult with your lawyer.

    I'm not sure but I guess my lawyer didn't file G325 form.
    Is filing G325 form something mandatory ?

    G325 is mandatory, if you or the lawyer has not sent to USCIS, you will get an RFE

    I've moved recently.

    I want to change the address now but want to give a new address (which is not the address I moved to .)

    Should it be fine?

    Thank you.

    File AR11 online with USCIS, plain and simple.

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-15 06:30 PM
    H-1B Quota is still available for all employers. Employers who have not yet proceeded with new H-1B filing can go ahead now too as per their business requirements. After many years since the Cap of H-1B started, it is still available even after Sept. 30, 2009. As of this writing, there are still H1B cap numbers available, both in the advanced-degree and regular H1B quotas. This means that H1B petitions can still be filed for fiscal year 2010. These filings can continue, as long as the cap numbers are available.

    We like to share that H-1B petitions can be filed throughout FY10, until the cap numbers are all depleted. Petition filed under the 2010 Cap after October 1, 2009, the start date of work requested can be immediate. Since October 1, 2009 has already passed, and the H-1B numbers are still available, filings may request an immediate validity date. Like earlier, the start date for H-1B work can be as much as six months in the future, depending upon the needs of an employer. Usually one has to start the H-1B Cap process 6 months in advance of the requested start of employment, employers were all doing so in order to increase their chances of obtaining one of the limited cap numbers. Thus, cases were filed at the beginning of April, requesting an October 1st start date. However, we are now beyond October 1st, and Cap numbers remain available, it is possible to pick a more desirable start date, ranging from immediate to six months in the future.

    There is not much progress in cases filed in FY 2010 quota yet. However, there is sharp increase in filings. The regular cap increased by 1600 cases between the end of August and the end of September, for a total of 46,700 as of September 25, 2009. This reflects a higher rate of filings than in the prior few months which may be due to re-filings and fresh filing as per upcoming requirements. We will keep you posted on further developments.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/10/filings_of_h1b_cap_cases_allow.html)


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  • bobby123
    03-24 08:42 AM
    Yes, you can change your employer's from India but you need to go for stamping again at US Consulate and get a new VISA to enter into US.

    I went through same situation in 2008 and i'm in US now.

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  • ramesh9
    08-21 08:58 AM
    Do you have seperate last names?

    Yeah Marco, we do have seperate last names?


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  • setpit_gc
    02-20 01:01 PM

    I have a question about Mailing my renewal petitions. I have talked to Texas SC few times. I got different answers each time. It appears that they all need job training.

    Here is my scenario:

    Originally my 485 was filed with NSC and then it was transferred to TSC. So my 485 is pending in TSC right now. Where should I mail my renewal applications?. I live in Colorado. There are 2 different views on this. Some people say that I have to send my applications to whereever my 485 is pending. Some people say that I have to mail it to NSC.

    Any thoughts?/


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  • vikasgarg24
    08-09 10:53 AM

    This question is for my friend. he has a Bcom (3 years bachlors from India) with certification of chartered accountant and cost accountant. He has a 6 years of post qualification experience in india (after ca and ) and now he has 6.5 years of experience in US. (Total post qualification experience is 11-12 years)

    His lawyer said as this is a 3 years degree you dont qualify for EB2. lawyer also send us a case where DOL denied CA plus 3 years of bcom under EB2.

    Can you help us if he qualify for EB-2, what is the best way to file.


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  • techiemom76
    01-12 11:19 AM

    You can use the remaining period on H1B without being subject to cap

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  • webm
    08-13 04:02 PM
    Hi All,

    My PD is 1st Aug 2006. Am i IN or OUT?

    As per VB:

    The cut-off date for an oversubscribed category is the priority date of the first applicant who could not be reached within the numerical limits. Only applicants who have a priority date earlier than the cut-off date may be allotted a number.

    They stress and bolded "Earlier Than" so i am not IN???? :confused::confused::(:(

    No, you are not IN yet..sorry you just missed the window...It could be a chance for you in next Oct'08 VB..


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  • gcnyc
    07-03 02:10 PM
    Hello all,

    My I-140 was approved in EB2 with company B from TSC with PD:01/26/2004 and I-140 pending in EB2 with RFE in the present company A. I do not know at this point when it will be cleared. BTW receipt no# is with EAC. Does it mean it went to NSC for processing? It is high time for me to shift to company B on H1 transfer as per our understanding. Presently I am on 7th year extension and left with 2 months for 8th year ext.


    (1) Can I transfer to company B based on recent I-140 approval and get 3 year extension?

    (2)If I have to get 3 year ext. I have to wait until I-140 is cleared from present company and then got for 3 year ext. then transfer to company B. But I guess it will be long wait and no one know what happens until the RFE is get okayed and I-140 will be approved. So my choice here is very limited in that aspect.

    Crux of the problem is that I have better opportunities out side the present company and running short of time to make a firm decision to tell the present employer that I am looking out side which is very sensitive issue to handle on all other aspects.

    I just received copy of I-140 approval notice from my attorney. So time is running out for me to make a decision in shifitng company from A to B.

    I need your guidance and suggestions in making my future decisions?

    Appreciate every one here.

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  • FinalGC
    01-14 05:22 PM
    Remember in a marriage case....it is a 2 step process...Initially they get a temporary Gc and then after 2 years they get a permanent GC. So, she needs to see which GC is she getting before making any decisions.

    Also ask them to go for counselling....if they can reconcile...


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  • vaishu.naidu
    04-05 08:41 PM
    I entered US on H1 and the officer stamped the I-94 expiry date to the expiry date of the passport. I applied for a new passport but forgot about the I-94 expiry date. Does it mean that my H1B is expired and not valid? Can I re-enter US on the same H1B visa. Or, my H1B is no longer valid and I have to use AP?

    Please let me know.

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  • gcisadawg
    12-23 09:00 PM
    169000 out of estimated 12 million is actually more than 100 times what you show it as 0.01%. It is close to 1.4%.

    He got his quotient right but forgot to multiply it by 100 to convert that into a percentage!

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  • hydubadi
    07-23 07:55 PM

    I am in a process of getting name change for my wife on pending I485. This is because her first name is given as 'FNU' by USCIS on the I485 file, EAD and A.P. As she did not have first name in passport.

    We recently got her name change on passport by adding my(husbands name) as SURNAME. Now we want to refelect this change on EAD and 485.

    For this amendment my lawyer is charging $400.
    I want to know, if we can do this amendment on our own and avoid lawyer. Do any one on this forum know how to deal with this situation. Please let me know.

    Your answers are highly appriciated.


    10-06 03:32 PM
    Hi RockStar,

    Thanks for quick reply.I was really helpful. I hope they do not create more problems :confused:

    06-30 12:31 PM
    very nice post.